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Thursday, December 22, 2005

12pm Malaysian Time Thursday 22nd December 2005

Here are the copy and paste of an Email From LIN PEH of http://tok3tok4.blogspot.com/

FROM:-Lin Peh- wymalaysia@yahoo.com

To all my chi-bye lanjiao bloggers,

Lin Peh been working on this until no eat, no shit (no
eat how to shit?) and here's the final version ! So,
better no condemn Lin Peh or else Lin Peh will fuck
you upside down and downside up! (serious wan...it's
like 69 position like dat).

Also, can someone please save it in a "central
location" so we can monitor the "download"
(yeah....like it's going to be a big hit!). Just email
the location to me and Lin Peh will inform the rest!

Lin Peh will launch the final version on my blog
12noon tomorrow (Dec 22) because Dec 22 is the chinese
"tong jit"..sure very good day wan and I hope all of
you can also do it at the same time ! We can call it
"world premier" ! HAHAHA!

I also hope that everyone will be enough "yi hai" to
acknowlede all the participants if you decide to blog
it. Here's the detail & links:

king's wife
Mikel Lian
Simmie Lang
Jkn of KL Podcast
Lin Peh
KC Yap
Siao Cha Bor

Lin Peh going yamade now ! Any volunteer to yamade
with Lin Peh ? LOL !


Wanna say a 'BIG THANKS' to Lin Peh for his kind effort for getting this project going. I very much believe this project in a way to get some Christmas mood in our Malaysian Blogsphere even for those not involve in this singing.

I hope everyone see this post of mine will go to Lin Peh Blog and listen to this White Christmas.
A small way wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS
Note:- If you happen to know my voice in the singing ,how bad I sing you all must say I sing very good , behind poke me never mind as long as I dont know.Because my back got many hole jor.Tell u la..beside me all really very GOOD lei. I here clap clap to them and also Lin Peh.Bugger this Lin Peh not only can sing he also damn good at playing the music.

I be taking 2pm(Auckland Time) flight home and should be back to my home by this evening 9pm(Malaysian Time) just nice for the Chinese Tong Jit Dinner.(hope the flight wont deley).
Even I be back to KL, my heart is really heavy leaving Auckland this time around.If not because of this coming Friday 'Sup Kao'(Wet Cock) Meeting' I would stay till end of the year and celebrate Christmas with this very very special person of mine. Anyhow I be back on January for the Chinese New Year.Please wait for us.

Special Greeting to this one special person of mine who might see this post and listen to the song:-



Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh personal mail to you also you post ah ? Scrary la !
Next time post your galfriend juicy letter can ah ? LOL !
Merry Christmas to You Two !

Lin Peh

Lil' Patchee said...

Your voice really gaya la, no joke! Merry Christmas to you!

king's wife said...

yes, it does invoke a sense of Christmas spirit in blogoshere!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!!

Ah Ming said...

Don't know which part you sing how to poke you from behind...Mauwhahahaha

Joyce said...

MY my my..
such a melodious accord, so wonderful and unforgetable!!!
catchy tunes, varied ryhthms and have lots of fun and good feel too.

You sang which part ar?

Who is the one with such rich deep astouding voice (must be the most talked about leng chai - all gals to die for) yours ar? hahaha....

93~94 said...

Lin Peh
I also post Bedminton game video clip of mine..ok mai..kekekeke
Lin Peh can do a Chinese New Year song too mai??

Lil' Patchee and Queen
Wa Wa both of your voice damnn GOOD man!!!

Ah Ming
Haha than you better dunno la

Yes Yes that one is me ..u can kau me or not?
I think later Lin Peh will review who sing who la.
Thanks Joyce