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Monday, December 19, 2005

Exchanging Christmas Gifts

Since last week my office people msn/email remind me if back before X'mas, make sure I will buy X'mas gift for the exchanging gift at my KL office.WHAT THE "Q" ! some more dare to ask me I must buy for all the people in office and I in return can get one gift.Diew-Lia- Sing you all think I Santa Claus mei....Hello even I now near South Pole, Santa Claus is from North Pole la.
Go oversea very big mei, must buy more gift mei ???.Some more teach me what to buy..ask me to buy New Zealand famous item such as sheep skin or chocolate. Diew!!! All Pok Kai... why don't ask me buy each one a abalone, much better mai !!. I olidi damn stress because KL Family & Frens olidi ask me buy this and buy that.Buggar this time I'm not here for holiday la..somemore everyone knows the main reason why I'm here in Auckland.What the 'Q'

Whatever.... until now I oso still dunno what the Q I gonna buy ??

Last week I happen in Victoria Market and I saw this item:-

Nian Nian Tao Warmer

Don't care you guys think I BIN TAI( Pervert) or Ham Sup Lo.
If ladies get this gift,they can use it as Malaysia whether damn Q hot,normally we switch on the air-con and sure they loke to sleep in nake one ,so is good to keep they Nian Nian Tao warm. I'm sure this warmer not only for pregnant women to use one.
Haha..If guys get it..take and use it for their Lopor or girl fren la.
Kekekeke... I damn Bin Tai.Maybe buy this for myself for future use if go places very the cold during winter.

But now I very the SEN la..

I so worry my luggage overweight.New Zealand Maximum 22 kg.What the 'Q'

HO SEN AR !!!!!!!!!!

By the way ,can someone tell me what is this for ???


helen said...

To keep your donut warm?? lol

Typical of ppl to tell others to buy things for them especially when u are overseas. Hope there are not too many ppl in the office. If not, sure go bankrupt... further more, if u buy different gifts for them, they will start comparing gifts and accuse you of favoritism!! Every which way but lose...:-(

Hope you'll enjoy the comfort of Malaysia soon!!

Heather said...

Hi 9394,

The possum fur warmer is for your willie (penis) !!! ;p


Ah Ming said...

You should get one willie warmer for yourself :-)

king's wife said...

since so hot here in malaysia, just need to wear the nen-nen warmer, nothing else...hahha.
eh, the willie warmer...1 size fits all ah?

Victor said...

Hey dude, cool stuff. Tiew lee lou mou hai fa. Okay, i accept the criticism for what i wrote and i did admit i was wrong. Since the thing was started by me, so i apologise again and i've already deleted it. So that's it.. At least i know i did something wrong duh..

Joyce said...

Wah ! eyeopener X'mas gifts ...

93~94 said...

How true, I think is quite stress when ones goes holiday and back.
Wah you just like a mami to me waiting me back to Malaysia with warmness.Thks helan.

Haha..really i dont know and i keep looking at the item thinking how it gonna be use.
By the way Heather r u a guy or a gal ?

Ah Ming
Mine alway warm , no need la..kekekeke

Haha it will be fashionable la

You want mai? Get one for u ...kekeke

93~94 said...


I'm sorry too
Never never my intention leave bad comment on others people blog but I just can't take it when you post about Twin Tower and hoping it will collapse one day just like what happen on 911.

Anyway is pass and again wish to say sorry again for using such a strong vulgar words on your comment box.

Merry X'mas to u and best wishes to u

victor said...

thanks for understanding. i should've removed the post earlier ago because i seriously overdid it and it has gone was out of proportion. i'm fine with vulgarity anyway.

no hard feelings dude. i was to blame.

Heather said...

Hi 9394,

Woi!!! I'm a girl laa!!! ;)


Heather said...

Hi 9394,

The following is one of my outdoor pictures for proof:

Heather :)

93~94 said...



WA ! you very Leng Lui. U got blog mai?....sure u got a lot guys line up Kau u.
By the way is that a wedding picture..just ask ask onli lei.

Survon said...

I think that's just some accessories for the lovers...

C'mon..During winter, I felt cold all over my body...But certainly NOT MY NIPPLES...And i suppose it's the same for the guys...Penis should be the warmest part of the body, no?

Shireen K said...

can i have one ahh :X i wan nen nen warmer...... :X

93~94 said...

Haha I think basicallly for people staying in winter country la.I understand the nen nen warmer is good for pregnant women but I cant understand why need it for gugu(penis)

Kekeke... okok get one for your X'Mas gifts

Shireen K said...

err.. kuku warmer... err maybe it's not a warmer after all loh.. maybe it's furry and cute ma.. so attract more pok pok chui girls....