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Friday, December 23, 2005

Back KL Jor

Reach KL 8plus last night, manage to have Tong Yuen Jit (Winter Solstic Festival) Dinner with Family.
Since 8am in office and now ready for a meeting at 10am
In fact I did not really sleep last night , maybe time difference of 5 hours and Jet-Leg.
Now my body Ho Stone Stone ar!!!.
After meeting better balik tidor until Christmas day.

Got hear the White Christmas We sing mai?
You can download here or go to Lin Peh Site here


allison said...

ooh i've just downloaded. will go back and listen soon. be back here later kekeke~

93~94 said...

Thanks Allison
Wah I oso laugh like u wor Kekekeke

siao_cha_bor said...

test test
thanks for dropping my at my blog sometime ago. I did not have time to reply
but i saw the pictures taken in NZ. Very interesting.

93~94 said...

Yo..I been stalk your blog quite long time ago.That the 1st time I commented your post

PinPin said...

You sing very well.

Merry Christmas!

Yvy said...

FUHYOOoooooo!!!! Very nice singing!!!! *lembik lutut edi*

93~94 said...

Thanks , I miss your singing

Sure or not.Anyway Thanks alot lei

Yvy said...

of courselar!! no bluff2 wan. ;)