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Monday, February 20, 2006

Ah Lamp Concert During CNY Holiday at Genting

Got you Little Happy
Everything Fulfilled
Salt Fish Vegetables also Very Tasty

I don’t know what the title of the above song as I don’t understand Chinese But that 4 lines chorus I only know how to sing ,
I like the part it says:-
“Salt Fish Vegetables also Very Tasty"
Ho Lomatik ar !!! just like a saying:- Love story 'Drink Water Full olidi'

This all time favorite Canto pops love song sang by GEORGE LAM CHI CHEONG also known as ‘AH LAM’

That particulars song I use it to kau lui during the early 90’s and Ah Lamp is one of my favorite 80’s Canto pops those days I wonder Helen like Ah Lamp or not ?

I attended his concert at Genting during the CNY Holiday (it seems Lin Peh with two young sia mei also attended).During the concert Helen came to my mind, believe she might enjoy the Ah Lamp the 80's CantoPops concert.

Despite Ah Lamp almost 60 years old and being partially deaf (caused by a freak accident while as a guest performer at Lisa Wang’s concert in 2003) still process charismatic and great showmanship during the concert. Non stop more than 2 hours performing his energy just like 20 years old. I do enjoy his show very much.

4 songs of Ah Lamp I like very much and he did sang the 4 songs during the concert :-

1) The above songs title I don’t know

2) Jun Dik Hawn Jee ( Real Man) - 1988 TVB theme song - [And Yet We Live]

3) CNY song he sing together with his wife sally Yip plus various Artists

4) And my all time Favorites:-

Wong Fei Hong Themes song ‘Naam Yi Dong Ji Keung’ ( Strong Man)

Even I not really his era time but that 4 songs I like very much and one of the reason I attended his concert. Particulars Wong Fei Hong Song

Two of the highlight of the concert he sang together with his past duet MTV of late Teresa Teng and late Anita Mui. Is really nice bring back memories of two great female singer.

MTV Duet performance with late Terasa Teng

Overall the performance is good despite his age.

Will be on Hiatus
Tomorrow Later will explain the reason why need to go on hiatus.



Ah Pek said...

i think it is sung,
"hum yee pak choi ya hou hou mei"

salt fish and cabbage also will be very tasty.

is pak choi = cabbage?

may said...

looks like you enjoyed yourself thoroughly! my mum is also a fan of george lam, but not so keen on going to concerts. she'd settle for the couch at home and watch the older concerts on wahlaitoi.

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Ha? He nochet dead? Oh, ya hor, that one is Roman Tam. LOL.

Wingz said...

yar this song is call "ham yu pak choy" hes one of the singer i grow up with la aart from alan tham, leslie cheung, lui fong and jackie chueng.

Helen said...

That song is called Fan Fan Chung Sooi Yiu Nei. lol

You are so lucky to go Genting during CNY! Must have been packed like mad!!

I did listened to Lam but was not really such a big fan. I love the song Jun Dik Hawn Jee. There was a period he started singing those Chinese orientated songs.... like Joi Sui Jung Yeong...etc which I hate!!

How many concerts have you attended har??

Helen said...

ah Pek - Bak choi meant plain veggie...

Siao Cha Bor said...

yee phit kai ka? i must say he does look good with those on him

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Ah pek- thanQ, I change the wording.pak choy is plain veget wa?

May- kekeke so looks like me & your mum same frequency

Lilian- Sally Yip still ho lump him ar

Wingz- That time dunno how many Lui die bcoz u ar?..lol

Helen - wa u terra wor, r u chinese educated?
I like go concert but not as terra as Lin Beh, he tell me he also attended S.H.E ( I went with my daughter), Wu Bai.Lol I also ask him is he in entertainmnt line like u ask me, lol

SBC- lol u like yee phit kai ar ?..it seems Ah Pek and Cocka also have Yee Phit Kai. Helen also like,lol

Cocka Doodle said...

9394...yes I got yee pit khai. Ah pek got goatee also.
Solly leh..me not a fan of Lam, but use to admire how beautiful Sally Yip was.

Survon said...

I'm not really a fan of him. Really out of my era for 2 or 3 generations.

eh..Do you mind if I ask, how old are you, actually?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

cocka- A lot Si La ho like Yee pit Khai

Survon- can become your brother but cannot become your dad, maybe more than 10 years elder than you 0r RM40 almost no change

elaine said...

on hiatus? ...
got mission impossible assignment har?

sun,moon&star said...

Hiatus for how long ?

Lin Peh said...

What chibye Hiatus ? Running away from Ah Loong say so la ! By the way, you are right ! Lin Peh in entertainment wan. Entertain the piao meis is my proffesion ! LOL!

She's Jess said...

HMM... whatever it is.. just take care dude.

Hear from you soon

Joyce said...

"salt fish vegs also v. tasty" - nice phrase and have its deeper sense of meaning to it.

Ah Lamp singing in the Wong Fei Hong song you mentioned was good. It gives a lot of motivation.

I am not from this era, but songs from Puala chui siu fong & Lesli are some of my favourites. Some of their songs lyrics were very well written.