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Friday, March 03, 2006

My Resolute on this day

Life is a series of changes, a succession of ups and downs.
Whatever I face, happy or sad I must live without regret,
I will continue challenges my darkness in me,
If is to be is up to me,
Strength is happiness. Strength is itself victory
I will continue moving forward tenaciously, one step at a time,
I will continue send my prayers to my love one ,
I will move forward again on this day 3rd of March



may said...

Happy Ngow Yatt, 9394! did you have a good time celebrating with your family? one year older, always one year wiser... ;)

may you have many more ngau yatt's to come!

may said...

uik... I just noticed... changed to 9393 oredi ka? heheh...

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Thanks may, I change to 93 93 bcoz I dont want to play die(94)..i want people to live

Lin Peh said...

chibye lang ! mid life crisis ah ? LOL! Anyway, good luck and best wishes from Lin Peh and all the tok kok kakis ! Take care !

Helen said...

All the best to you and may you find strength in the face of diversity. Many times, faith does not make problems disappear.... but, faith will lift us above our problems.

No matter what happens, we hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Life goes on and just remember those who are dear to us will never leave us. They live forever in our hearts. :-)

sun,moon&star said...

I popped in to wish you a belated happy birthday and to thank you for all the laughter you have evoked in your blog.

Guess 2005 saw the playful 9394 and in 2006, the other side of you will emerge in 9393. Whatever the case, I am still your fan.

I'm not one for much words, so I hope you get what I am trying to say when I quote this:-

"Loving someone deeply gives you strength, while being deeply loved gives you courage."

....A ray of sunshine to brighten your day.....

She's Jess said...

Happy Belated Birthday..


Hope everything's fine with you..

sun,moon&star said...

Happy birthday to you.. (a belated one)
identical 3s - nice date! and Desmond...

"Count your garden by the flowers,
Count your days by the golden hours,
Count your nights by stars, not shadows
Count your life with smiles, not tears."

Take good care !

~ twinkle star ~

King's wife said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you, 9393!
I will always remember it, obviously!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Lin Peh- u mid life crisis or 7 years itchy?lol..Thanks bruther

Helen- Thanks alot for your comment,after reading your 'those who are dear to us will never leave us' thinking to myself how come I never thought of it!!further more in buddhism we believe life is eternal.

A Ray of Sun- Wow thanks alot for your well wishes,do encourage me.Yup I have change my way of blogging after some family matter. I have change 9394 to 9393 with reasons.
Come on..please dont become my fan la..I be much happy we as friends even we are anonymous.Even I'm on hiatus I never fail visit your all on you gal blog.Thks alot

Jess- Thanks alot girl, We do our best ..ok?

Twinkle Star- My favorite numbers is 3.Thanks you so much of your wishes and beautiful peom(Like it very much).I will create history moment by moment.You take care too

King Wife- Thanks king wife, you not only remember my BD, you might understand little bit of my character

OriginalMe said...

Happy belated b'day!!!

nice ta c ya back!!!

Cocka Doodle said...

sang yat fai lork! chook leh nin nin yau kum yat, sooi sooi yat kum chiew.

elaine said...

woof, woof, woof ..
(meaning happy Engrish cow 1 day)
wishing you everything comes right
for you !

PinPin 彬彬 said...

Happy belated birthday. May all your dreams come true.

Siao Cha Bor said...

i am so so late BUT

Happy Belated Birdday

how old ah?

Lil Patchee said...

*brings out a choc muffin with a lit candle on it for Desmond*

Happy Belated Birthday!! *Hugz*

wombie said...

Happy Belated Bday!!!!!!

Joyce said...

happy belated birthday Desmond!
wow.. your birthdate so memorable double threes

Your fav. no. also three
therefore you multiply it
and it became 9

9393 inside the secret code is yr birthdate

This was just a passing thought.
Hope it bring some cheers to you
as you have gave lots of laughter
to us in your previous posts too.

Ah Pek said...


sun,moon&star said...

Hi Desmond,
Sorry for the late greetings .... happy belated birthday to you, may God bless you with good health, love,joy,peace,wealth and happiness all year through.


Nine3 Nine 3 said...

OriginalMe- wow thanks, not really back yet dear, still kind of busy

Coocka- 10Q bruther !, your bd mari I sing 4 u.

Elaine- Ha? apa woof ? i cow one wor not dog one wor!.lol anyways 'Thanks'
By the way your BD is on 18th March, can you email me your email as i would like to send you a virtual BD Card
as you don't have blog.Thks

PinPin- Thanks ! haha my dream one day play golf with you..ok mai?

SBC- late better than never la, your wishes i happy olidi. I now $50 got plenty changes

Patchee- bring out muffin..lol..I know now you day day makan besar lol.Thanks Pat !

Simmie- You no play special BD music for me ar?lol.Thanks Sim

Joyce-Wa u very clever read code wor, than you better help solve my hidden code la..lol..Thanks for your wishes Joyce !!
Ah Pek- Wa Ah Pek now got world Cup football fever singing Ricky martin song "Go ! Go ! Go ! Hoolay Hoolay .Thanks Ah pek

Moon-No soli la..Thanks for your wishes

kelly said...

(ooops so late...thousand apologies!)

Desmond, Happy Belated Birthday and
My best wishes to you and yr loved ones.

9393 - this change for moving forward positively har? good good... support support !!!

Survon said...

Happy Belated Birthday, to the new born 9393!

Nice date...03/03..how can i ever forget that???

JoMel said...

Oops, I hadn't realised that it was your birthday! I am so so so so late. And I am so so so so sorry.

Did you have a happy birthday???

Cocka Doodle said...

Eh, 9393. You play golf wan meh? Which type? The ones that put the stick in and leave the balls out that type haimai? LOL

She's Jess said...

When are you coming back dude?

Don't go hiatus for so long.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Kelly- No need sorry la, glad for your BD wishes, Thank you very much

Survon- thanks wor, since you can remember make sure next year if you back in malaysia kasi makan besar besar

Jomel- Thanks a lot, no need say sorry la,actually in my post i did not state is my Birthday(nor did I put my BD date on my post'Where is your BD) just May found out later

Coocka- That the type of golf game i play or it call 19 hole golf

Jess- Sorry kind of busy, but dear when I online I make a point to visit your blog even I did not make any comment.

Las montañas said...

Tat makes u a pisces? Happy belated BD!