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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3 Types of Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Today no more talk devil as the Happy Ghost Festival over, all had went back after a short annual holidays
Today I talk about human or people or orang orang.

There are 3 types of People in a group

Type 1 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Around or not around nobody cares

Type 2 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

When he/she appeared, suddenly everyone quiet everyone dislikes him/her, hopefully he/she suck up by the outer space alien for testing

Type 3 Fellow in a Group of Peoples

Without him/her something is missing, must of him/her around

Niasing ! looks like I belong to the Group 2, not bad, at least helps to lower the noise pollutions


Wingz said...

where got la!!! u belongs to group 3 la!!!! me in group 1 :(

Wuching said...

i'm in group 1 oso!

ah nel said...

no wingz no laff...

no 9393 no dancing...

no wuching no ostalia mia update...

u c u 3 peeple so important..

me in group 1...

Lin Peh said...

Lin Peh is group 4 ! Not aorund oso peeple think they saw Lin Peh ! HAHAHAHAH!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Wingz, Wuching, AhNel - you 3 buggar damn 9 humble, actually that post wrote saw something at my own office , that me.M I that scary?

Lin Peh - Than your lianjio every where on the street also got..lol