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Monday, August 14, 2006

My Score on Boleh Quiz

Stumble on a quiz survey by TheStar 'How Boleh Malaysian Are You ' in conjunction this year Medeka Day.Few question I find it amusing, no wonder we are rated one of the rudest countries.Anyway one way or another it tells us How Boleh Malaysian we are.

My score:-

Do log on the side and check it out yourself how "How Boleh Are You" ?
I wonder Malaysian Blogger now oversea - WuChing, LP , Simmie , Kiki, Survon score would be ?



She's Jess said...

i scored 40! =)

Wuching said...

i scored 33 wor! not bad for someone who doesn't live there now!

kruy® said...

i scored 31, duno good or bad -

LP said...

Wait arrr..I go to take the test now...come back and tell you the score lar. (hope the question is not in BM, then I sure tak boleh)

LP said...

9393: I posted my score at my blog liao, I am a 100% Msian

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Jess- Muwahahaha..u betul betul boleh

Wuching- u cut here cut there when u driving in australia ka?

Kruy-haha u nor here nor there, I think you just like me , truly Malaysian

LP- Wa Wa..u got 41..you can cari makan at the states ,,hahaha

wombie said...

I go take quiz now!!!

wombie said...

I got 27 wor

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

haha simmie u nor here nor there just like me