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Friday, May 05, 2006

One Hand Beggar

Seeing all sort of beggar quite normal during Friday afternoon, Sundays or Public Holiday within KL City especially with high human traffic flow, places like LRT/monorail Station or Shopping Mall.
Some are genuine handicap , normally not local, but many of them are 'Big Time Acting' from well organized syndicate

Look at the 3rd picture clearly, damn good in acting, so what!!!..some people dress to sell, he only act for sympathy.
Seems a day collection can come up to rm300 to rm500, just merely 3 to 5 hours only

Next time if you happen to see this type of beggar, do observe clearly

Make sure facing high traffic of people

Hide away the right hand !

Maybe the only difficulties is hiding his right hand behind for sometime, but when no one walking by, slowly walk away and take a rest, same time have a nice puff of a cigarette.

Took this 3 picture at Time Square Monorail Station



Wuching said...

wuah! how does he tuck his arm under like that? & does he only have 1 leg? can't see clearly..

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

He had good two legs,my company people saw him window shopping around Time Square later on

may said...

ok lah, still can give money to pay him for his good acting!

may said...

ok lah, still can give money to pay him for his good acting!

Lin Peh said...

Is this the same tactik u use to hide your balls when those piao meis trying to squeeze them ah ?LOL!

mr. handy said...

hhahaaa.. he has all the skills to become a problogger, oh probeggar i mean.

sengkor said...

maybe making movie leh, 'the revenge of the begger king'.. got see any other crew around..?

She's Jess said...

Hmm.. but he seems to really like have poblem hand wor?

Cocka Doodle said...

The reason why there are so many of these beggars around is because we are a generous society mah.
We are indirectly encouraging 'begging' with our generosity.

Last time, I witness an old lady beggar taking out and using her mobile phone when no one was watching.

Kah Wee said...

some beggers are play-acting just to gain our sympathy. from there, they earn their daily income..

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

may- If i act in front of u make sure u pay me more ..lol

Lin Peh- This tactick is when with pia mei suddenly Lopor appeared from nowhere

Mr Handy- How true..they are really pro in their own way

Ah Seng- I no see Chow yun fatt or Stephen Chow around wor?

Jess- I observe sometime,his hand indeed normal

Cocka- That oldlady must be communicating with others begger asking how their business.By the way what model handphone she using?..

Kah Wee- what I hate most is some bluff monk