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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Choose Best of the Best of the 5 Decade

Even busy busy I try to be 'Eat Full Nothing To Do' its help my blood pressure lower.
So today I gonna to a Mou-Le-Tou(No Come Head) or 'Eat Full Nothing To Do' post-c.

Copy from a forwarded email pictures of all the Miss-cUniverse from 1952.Some can become our Mother, Grandmorther or some had gone sell 'Salty Duck Egg' .
If You are busy now and many things to do , become "Eat Full Nothing To Do' See all the Winner's than cast your vote who the Top 1, 2, 3 from your viewpoints.

Eat Full Nothing to do lei...just have fun ..it's still a long week toward wekend.I compile all you people's who the Top 3

Cheers and have Fun !









Let's the Eat Full Nothing To Do Game Start



OK Ok you guys sure 'F' me says see just a headshot picture cannot see hows big the boob's , the shape, legs...nevermind la...just imagine One look you like which one, sometime is a mirror of our inner self

my Vote:-
1-2003 (her eyes can smile 1)
2-1998 1988 ( Asia Boleh)
3-1990 ( like her lips)

Have Fun !


ah nel said...

why all black and white???

1967 - disqualified coz u r a male...

Sylvia H_itch_cock


sming said...

Errr.. can publish Mr. Universe one ah ?
Anyway, those before the 1980s, cannot appreciate lor.. :P

Kenny Ng said...

seriously i dunno how to dunno how to compare which is pretty or not. to me all also lengluiz!

CrazyGrr| said...


Seriously eat too full nothing to do. :P

LP said...

not fair....the one before 1990 not many had plastic surgery yet. If you want to compare should do 1950s ~ 1960s
1970s ~ 1980s
1990s ~ 2000s
2001 to present

Survon said...

Eh...those winners seem to look younger and younger by years. Or maybe because of the advanced technology in pastic surgery?

I also a bit "eat full nothing to do today"..So, I vote...

1965 - First
1994 - Second
1989 - Third

ah pek said...

but i eat full oredi got so many things to do wor..

Kenny Ng said...

eh... now i realised no 1977 to 1981 ah?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

soli Soli Kenny..I oso just realize i miss out 1977 to 1981, I go upload the pic now..thks :)

Wa..this show that you one by one see all the winners..which one make you stem ka??

me said...

was scratching my head which one to choose. but your choice ah...*shaking head*

1) her eyes can hiao 1, not smile lah.

2)trinidad asia meh? i thought considered something like central america or something liddat lah, i oso don't know.

3) 1990? what's so special about her lips? cannot see anything different oso. i tot guys like bengkak bengkak lips, like stung by bee.

my choice:

1) 1954 becos smile so sweet - can do colgate advertisement.

2) 1955 cos look so 'ngong kuih'

3)1996 cos she looks so innocent. this quality very hard to find amongst the others. they all look so witchy.

2006 looks like supermodel ah. not bad.

Kenny Ng said...

i was not looking 1 by 1 la... i was looking my born year ma... LOL

dreamie said...

(taking a break from the morning brain storming sessions)

I sapu all the "Thai" hotties

my lup :-

Maraaaysian kampung style beauty

good PR appealing smile

2002 (Panama)
cool... like plain jane, i sukak coz' i lup playing Tarzan wor !

I keep 2006 as reserve, in case any of the above 'sell salty duck eggs'... she's a hottie like my tomyam beauties !!

Lin Peh said...

1946 ada kah ?

angel said...

Can prease put Mr. Universe wan arr?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

LengLui : Actually is 1988 the Thai la..kekeke.Your 1996 I like also but look more her eyes also look fierce to me wor

Dreamie : You play 'Tazan Lost His Underwear ar?'

LinPeh: All go sell salty duck eggs la

Angel : e~~~ all also bluff bluff ..all normally on steriod

zeroimpact said...

So many
Eyes also blurr edi
Can take all ah

Inevitable said...

I always like Venezuelan...

Anonymous said...

I vote for 1996, very refreshing look.

P/S I'll whack you if u ask me to explain wat tat means :P

Wuching said...

i vote all!

Survon said...

9393, I have tagged you..Please browse my blog. :D

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Zeroimpact: lol..you can finish mo?

inevitable: Your darling from Venezuele ar ?

immomsdaughter: haha I know..you must be look like her or 1996 you also a beauty queen ka?

Wuching: No wonder so many leng lui lam u

Survon: Ok P ..I will do it within this few days.Thanks