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Thursday, September 28, 2006

My 1 Year Blog

Trying to blog about my one year as Blogger since last Friday but don’t want to put up a new post in replace of my last entries ‘5 decade Miss Universe’. Just wanna enjoy each times log in my blog the front post can see so many LengLui( Beautiful Women’s)

Thinking of putting up my one year lame report such as putting up my past template screenshot’s, write about my blog friends I knew (meet or not yet), vote my lousiest post I ever post..blah blah blah… but past few days Can't do it because ‘No Eat Full Something To Do’

Whatever is 'NO BIG DEAL ' of me blogging for one year, but until now I don’t understand myself why I still continue blogging ? . Seeking attention?? , Some hidden agenda??, Seeking for space??..More friends ?? Looking for partners ??

Seems none of it, but I need an answer so badly.
I decided by finding the ANSWERS went to my bathroom mirror, start staring at the mirror, looking at myself left right , right left to figure out why?.

The more I look at myself in the mirror I can only imagine if Lin Peh new stock of Pio Mei(new shipment just arrive today) see my faces , they sure want to fork me one because I got damn ‘Bin-Tai(pervert) looks

Back to serious, I started Blogging because of 2 to 3 Bloggers, after reading their blog as a silent reader for almost a year , just wanna play play on them by posting about them and relink back to my blog. Maybe just wanna have fun after reading blogs for a year or maybe a kind of escapee of some reality in my life(My 1st post here) I tend to enjoy it after few post, properly people read my post.

One of my earlier 9394 banner

With my early intention not to reveal my identity or just stay as Anonymous Coward as long as I can, just blog on the actual incidents happen in the last 10 to 20 years ago while I was still struggling as a youth by creating a post as though it happing in this present situation. That why I call myself “Wong Tat Swee’ and getting a new Gweilo name ‘Desmond(My real name is not Desmond) and try to be funny .
Remind myself I will never reveal my identity.Only after my first meeting with some Blogger's on March 16 , my indentity slowly reveal to this cyber world.Until now I still want to maintain annoymous on this blog with many reasons.

my 1st blogger Meet-up on 16th march 2006

As months goes by without my realization a kind friendship being build, I seems to enjoy blogging, it keep me going.

My earlier post are full of rubbish, fun, no head no tails but due to some trouble in my family in NZ I became sober in my posting and many at times just wanna close shop. Even changing my blog nickname from 9394 to 9393

To my surprise the bloggers and readers are so much different the way they projected themselves in the blog, they are wonderful, sending emails, massagers messaging, sms, calling, meet up when knowing I have some trouble in my life. Anytime they will give you a word of wisdom, encouragements when you are down with no reward in returns.

June Raining Morning--just arrive my NZ home but She had gone a day before

Never imagine some bloggers and readers will give me so much support when I have a major breakdown this mid year. They have no valid reason's to support me.Thank you all for getting me back to my dancing shoes, dance again in my life stages, will always remember your kind words and support. Thank you all.

Another main reason that's keep me blogging is SCB .I’m looking forward for her return to comment on my blog one day.

Maybe all this reasoning keeps me blogging month after month.

So what my next ?…..........continue to become Desmond Wong Tat Swee ? or continue staring at mirror and fall in love with myself?, whatever the reasons is (still blur blur), my wish is thats with all those 'No-Head-No-Tails posting I could lighten everyone DAY's with some cheers

Thank you all for Standing Beside My BLOG
...and the beats goes on....
9394 9393



ah nel said...

why wana change from Desmond Wong Tat Swee to another diff person?
i stil like the anonymous 9393...

i thing i noe u blog u met more fren... ;)

may said...

glad you're still keeping up with blogging despite all that's happened! I think it's a great way to keep in touch, though we don't comment often. carry on "beating"!! :)

Wuching said...

3 cheers for desmond wong tat swee!
hip hip, hooray!
hip hip, hooray!
hip hip, hooray!

ah pek said...

Happeeee Birddddayyyy!!!!!!!!

babe_kl said...

happy 1st blog anniversary!!! keep it up.

opps forgot to say hi, how rude :p

Winn said...

after reading ur first entry post i suddenly realised i stumbled upon ur blog before from minishorts's moons back!
HAHA...that time i was laughing lauging i tot a kid wrote this very the funny:P WTQ? haha

happy birthday to your one year old blog. many good returns and many leng luis leng chais will come visit ok:>

angel said...

i donno if u remember me, i did comment a few times when u first started blogging ;)

happy bird-day ar? so, got party mou? faster have one!

why desmond? u admire any desmonds ar? :P

sming said...

Hi ...
Relatively new to the blog world.. lagi new to your blog..but do enjoy reading it.... do keep it going !!! :)

Anonymous said...

your 9394 ways have fooled us

silent readers

Lil Patchee said...

I remember :-
* your first entry
* you asking for an English name
* you saying "Add Oil! Add Oil!"
* assuming you were a kid out from high school. Hehehee...

Happy Bloggersary (got such word, ah?)! :D

titoki said...

The old Wong Tat Swee is funny. :)

The new Wong Tat Swee is a bit sentimental. LOL.

But of course, I lap BOTH Wong Tat Swee 9 9 because each has different 'mui lik'. ;p

Keep blogging coz I'll be reading! :) And remember, don't blog for others, but blog for yourself.

CrazyGrr| said...

Happy 1st Birthdayyyyyyyy!! Not to u lar.. but to ur blog. :D

nyonyapenang said...

congrats! on the 1st one hundred posts.
here's wishing you many more hundreds to come. ;)

Kenny Ng said...

happy 1st anniversary to ur blog... keep it up taikor!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Ah Nal: That for sure ! because of blogging chance of meeting good friends, just like knowing you.

May: You are one of the few blogger's always stand beside me.

Wuching: 3 battle Cry for Wuching
"Wuuuuuuuuu CHING! "
"Wuuuuuuuuu CHING ! "
"Wuuuuuuuuu CHING ! "

Ah Pek: My Blog Chin Pui( Senior) Thank you Chin Pui

Babe_KL: Wow my idol come to my blog. You actually leads me to read blog(you might not aware of that). Actually I used to hang around Fried Chili Forum , that where I know about you and Blog.Thank You Babe KL ;)

Winn: Know need so many Leng Lui la..you here very good olidi. Thanks Winn

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Sming: Thanks Sming,lately I enjoy your blog too ;)

Silent Reader: Soli loh..I'm the biggest fool because ending up is you people who gives me support despite fooling u all.

Patchee: Thanks Pat, remember when I reveal I'm married with kids you told me same things.Same with us we all thinking you only 16 years old by hearing your cute voices during the Kongsi sing project..hahaha

Titoki: My darling! meeting you in real never imagine you such a sweet girl not the way you blog. Hahaha..Beside always lump Heather 99 i now I begin to LUM Titoki 99 too.
"really nice meeting you"

CrazyGirl: Wei...me is my blog blog is me wor. Thanks Girl

NyoyaPenang: Aiyoyo..Is 1 year la not 100 post la..whatever Thanks for your wishes :)

KennyLee: Bruder here cannot simply says Taikor Taikor, later police catch me ar !...kekeke..thanks Kenny !! nic meeting you in real too

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

AH !!!! you also one of annoymous blogger ar

Faster Faster whisper to me what’s your anonymous nick name

angel said...

i not anonymous blogger la... that time i not blogger also... i blog reader nia...
*whisper whisper*
i sign off as angel also la...

me said...

*sniff sniff* so 'kum tung' (touching) one keh?

ah nel said...

friends???i tot im ur godson? LOL

*nice toking to u on phone last nite*

*psssttt...sexret wat we tok last nite k*


Cocka Doodle said...

Who's been giving you massages ar? Linpeh or Wingz? LOL

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

angel :Haha I saw it..so u the one..nice knowing that is u :)

LengLui: Wei..when are you going to show us who are you. You seems the Most keep secret annoymous wor

AH Nel: haha I m not mafia la. Nice talking to you.Looking forward see you when you down in KL

Cocka: Hahaha..tat funny..i change olidi..two of them nvm but not you, as you belakang mari also can 1...hahaha

PinPin 彬彬 said...

Hey, it may be a bit late, but happy blog birthday anyway. And happy always. :)

JoMel said...

9393 gor gor. You used to be 9394, I remembered.

You used to read my old blog and saying that you admired me, I remembered.

You put one of my entries as the best entry of 2005, I remembered.

I used to wonder how you were like in real life. I wonder no more. I am glad to know that you are as wonderful as I have imagined you to be.

I will stand by your blog. Surely I will. Keep writing. Nonsense or serious, does not matter. :)

sun,moon&star said...

Happy one-year young birthday!

Keep on blogging, don't stop blogging....
don't disappoint your long list of lenglui fan-c!!!

~ Sun ~

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

PinPin: Never ever forgets the email you send to me, gives me so much words of encourgement.You are a Giver.Thank You PinPin

Lil'Joy(Jomel): It a honor you call me GorGor :). Never ever forget the sms you send to me once you got the news she had pass away.You as wonderful too..also very kind heart you have !

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Thank you Sun..I still believe you are one of many who email me and encourge

Thank You Sun Lui

sun,moon&star said...

About 2 weeks after you started blogging,
I commented anonymously on your blog wor...
can you guess the nickname i used?

~ Twinkle Star ~

Survon said...

Happy FIRST anniversary!!

Desmond Wong Tat Swee sounds good. A bit 'leong' and a bit funny. :D

kruy® said...

u dun need a valid reason to blog... just like u dun need a reason to love or like someone..

to be anonymous or to be the real u is not important and is all up to u, because all these happened on blogsphere and the world wide web and ur own personal space, mayb it is more important to ask if u'r satisfied with what u write or what u potray to others through your words.. do what u feel is right, be comfy, it's ur cyber home anyway :)

happy 1st anniversary! ;p

Joyce said...

hi 9393 .. happy 1st blog birthday !!!
keep it up ! i enyoy reading your posts.
You have brought many laughters, fun & cheers and many more.

No need to stare so hard in the mirror, many here already in love with you wat !!! HAHAHAAaaaaa... your blog lah...

Write what you feel you want to, your fan-c all are here for you !!!

LP said...

Just wanted to let you know..Josh Groban is one of my fav singers..and this happen to be one of my fav songs of his..

Congratulations on your 1 year old blog

nyonyapenang said...

aiyooh, sori, paiseh....., damn blur la, gua ini. anyways, congrats & selamat hari jadi to you.

Candid said...

Congrats on your blog's first anniversary! It's a real pleasure reading your posts... keep it going!

dreamie said...

gung hei on your blog first birthday !!!!!
keep up the humour ... laughter is the best medicine

kat said...

Hi, hi!! So 9394 and 9393 are one and the same.
Happy Bloggiversary! Hope to see many more to come.
This post of your is very sincere, I always admire people who can write from the heart.

you and kenny and cocka..very ngam together!! LOL

Kelly said...

WooHoo !! .... happy 1st anniversary *
Thank you for you postings
Thank you for your sharing
Thank you for being you !

Congratulations 9393 !!!

zeroimpact said...

Happy birthday
Keep them coming

Anonymous said...

i said in Oct 2005
"good blog , keep it up "
until today iT still is


gerard said...

Gr8 song, great blog. happy aniversari 9393 Desmond Wong Tat Swee!!! me havent comes to ur blog 4 quite the long oleli. me just remembers got this 9393 blogs, then me decides to come look sea look sea. and waaaahhh dis blog still is alife and kicking!! and getting stronger no pray pray!!!! keep on blogging desmond!!

AhTak said...

woi ~~~ kung Hei kung Hei !!!

Keep on blogging and make every reader happy !!!! hehehe

me said...

old already mah, what is there to show? want to see, also see sweet young things lah.

carcar said...

congrate congrate!!
first time here :P hey nice meeting you! many more blogger's meet to come ok :)

King's wife said...

adoi! I so late lah.
I still remember how it was during our first bloggers meet. You were last to arrive, and damn blur!!
Congrats n happy birthday! keep going..

may said...

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, 9393!!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Dear All darling

Thank Thank Thank You All

See Fei said...

all heartie stuff... appreciate that. i guess now i know why you asked me that question "why do i blog?" in my last meet.

blogging had taken a new meaning and a special corner in all bloggers' life esp those who had become real friends.

i just hope you will continue, serious or mo lei tau, to each his own.

of all your nicks, i like 9394 better LOL