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Monday, August 07, 2006

PJ SS2 Got Free Show This 3 Nights

Today is Chinese 7 month 14.
If you are staying around PJ area and no where to go, why don’t go to SS2 these 3 nights.

Organize by the SS2 residents, coffeshop towkey, and businessman of SS2

Tomorrow Night:
Organize by the ‘Wai Sek Kai’ hawkers ( SS 2 Food Street)

Tomorrow and Tomorrow Night:
Organize by the SS2 Day Time Wet Market people's

Basically the reason the SS2 business peoples organizing this event is in conjunction of Happy Ghost Festival.

The program consists of Praying, and Free live show of singing, some time you may see Pio Mei in hot pants dancing and singing, and one of the highlight of the festivals is the ‘Auction’. All the Auction donation money collected will be donate to various charitable organizations.

For this one a year occassion it considers a 'Showtime'among the hawkers in the Auction. Market Lo, Coffee Towkey, even Ah Loong on this occassion will auction "BIG Money 'to show the past year business damn 9 good. But I bet this year Auction will be slow slow as the France Football Team spoil their so call generosity

Many Years ago, this kind of event only 1 show, but because of many disagreement on the collections , this 3 group decide to split into 3, but they still in very much cooperation as each group held in different days.


Lin Peh said...

Which part of SS2 ? Lin Peh wan go watch Free show la !

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

U just go around the Shops u sure can see la, tonight dont go la, bcoz got pasar malam

ah nel said...

too bad i'm too far away...

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Ah Nal: Kuching no do mei, got alot Tieow Chiew lang just like Singapore , every street also can find show

Wuching said...

u go take pic of the shows!

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Here the piao meis very hiao, very sexy wan ler. Baju all little bit only. I got many videos, you want? LOL.

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

OMG, you listen to Linkin Park?

narrowband said...

Waw. Dun pray pray. These shows not for us!

Ah Pek said...

sometimes during these shows hor,the organisers provide long benches for the spectators.
you will see there are people sitting alone on those long benches and nobody want to share the seat with them. they themselves dunno, but actually others are seeing that the bench is actually fully occupied.

ah nel said...

din notice any ler here...i'm teochew lang oso n thats y i...
kia lo kia ling tang... :D

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Wuching- lopor don't allow, scare I follow the pio mei (not Ghost) home)

Lillian- Wei ! got photo , share share la
Haha I love Rocks songs

Narrowband- Is became very commercialise

Ah Pek- Is actually that the way, but now in city seems no such thing olidi

Ah Nel- Haha... your butt red color ka?