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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two Beautiful Blogger's Ladies Birthday Today

5th September two of my blogger friends birthday (SCB) and Survon a Ipoh mari Leng Lui working in Budapest,Hungary.

Wing of Rojaks Blog wrote a very Beautiful Birthday greeting post for Lisa at For SCB Blog.Do drop by and write your comment, even at this moment Lisa still unable to read our post or comment, I believe our wishes will reach her Heart and help her recover faster

Happy Birthday Lisa ( Birthday greeting post HERE )

Happy Birthday Survon the Ipoh mari Leng Lui ( Her blog HERE)



ah nel said...

Happy Birthday Lisa and to you also Leng Lui... ;)

dreamie said...

woi.. 9393 you are such a thoughtful person ..bless you !!

Survon said...

Arigato Arigato!!!!

So honoured to be wished here..

Thanks, 9393. *muaks*

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Survon- I don't want virtual * Muaks* , when you back to Malaysia give real 1 la