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Friday, November 18, 2005

When The Sky Is Clear The Ground Is Illuminated

This picture was taken by Peter Tan friend William from Peter post‘Day Trip To Genting Highland Resorts.’( Thanks Peter)

About my last post, Bertie perform in Genting,Peter commented my post,visit his great side, Wow!! saw that beautiful picture above.
With permission from Peter I would like to blog about this picture so happen on the same night while we traveling back from Genting after the concert, we were taken aback on that beautiful sight. Able to see that beautiful view considers 1st for me.
Been to Genting,especially Awana countless time, but never ever see that KL sight before. We just like children in the car, so excited with that beautiful city sight.

We will analyzing how come we able to see the KL view.

We recall when we were on our way to Genting about 7pm it was raining heavily. At one point i was thinking to stop by the road side as I was having difficulties driving because of heavy mist . Than must be the early downpour, now the sky is clear we albe to see the City. Jeremy my friends was saying just like one song lyris sings ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’.

We are human fill with emotion , one way or another we have to face difficulties in our life, light rain, heavy rains, thunderstorms, macam macam rain but we must believe those rain is just a matter of time will go away. The best part is after the rain the sky is clearer, and the ground soil became harder after the soil dry up.

"When the sky is clear the ground is illuminated , the ground will became harden later".



lilian said...

Wei, wei, what happened to the Canton slang liao? Chor mat yeh mou chor keh? You seems like very in love or something lately, correct ah? LOL, soli hor, I cuma pat kua a bit. 'Cos I notice you talk about the sky la, the moon la, the earth la.

helen said...

OK, you stopped and smelled the roses. What I wanna know is.... did you gamble?? lol

Yes, I do agree life is never smooth sailing. But, the funny thing about life is.... next time when you are old and grey, the only thing left are just the memories. Hopefully those memories can signify the hardship of life!! lol

93~94 said...

Lilian:- hahahaha u really eat night porridge that can see my tail. I oso dunno what happen to me lately mayb in love. I rather become 'Mat Cinta' than become 'Mat Gila'.

Helan-Aiyah Chinese ppl hobby is gamble one but no la i have my story no more gamble la.....i go Genting normally play other game la.

allison said...

oohh... that song is from Johny Nash i like it! Yes, well said. Yu goh zao wui tin ceng ga lar :-)