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Monday, November 07, 2005

Another top 10 why buy pirated vcd

Everybody having long holiday but for me since Thursday I kena food poisioning and only yesterday night with some friends watch M.U vs Chelsea at Mamak.Maybe this holiday I destine to get sick so can really sleep and rest.Ding Lee Lo Fai.

Today on the net after reading this BBC news Malaysia warned over pirated CDs and this post I recall having a silly convensation with some of my kaki regarding pirate vcd.This post I'm not promoting pirated CD, VCD, DVD, software.As for me I don't support Pirated Stuff but I very kaisu I always look for Freeware stuff that why my pc anytime will KO.

Some of the silly jokes we talk about:-

More jobs for school leaver who does not want to further their study and want to get rich fast especially Ah Lok, Ah Ming always dream of owning Honda CV with DLS Speakers in the shortest times.

  1. Reduce crime rate as Ah Lok ,Ah Ming busy selling VCD,DVD , where got time do bad things.
  2. When Pirate VCD business good, got more money , Bosses can set up Loan Shark Company. More option of borrowing monies instead of banks mai.
  3. Help Ah Lok, Ah Peng learn English as they have to know the English Movie title name .
  4. Not only Ah Lok, Ah Peng learn English, they can even talk to John, Mary at Chee-Cheong-Kai(PStreet) in English. When John, Mary go back their country we tell their friends even Road Site Stall people can talk very well in English. Help to sell Malaysia tourism as Malaysian known as English speaking country.
  5. Will encourage parents to buy computers for their kids as pirate computer games so cheap. Kids won’t hang around Cyber cafe or steal parents money go play play at cyber cafe. Play at home won’t mix with bad company.
  6. Parents also can monitor what games their children plays .Not Counter Strike game la, shoot here shoot there so violent. Let them play Sim City so when they big they can become developer or City Mayor instead become terrorist fighter or terrorist himself.
  7. Long Holiday won’t be so boring as no day no night just watch pirate VCD/DVD. So cheap at times DVD can go until $10 for 3.Spend $50 you can have 30 hours solid watching your favorite movie.
  8. So many classical movies for self collection. James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Anthony Hopkin eat people movie..…etc..
  9. No need to borrow or exchange movie we like to watch. .So cheap own self can buy. When borrow from friends no return sure fight, what for fight because of borrowing tapes.
  10. No need spend hours download songs from internet or slow down our computers. $5 can get more than 150 MP3 songs. Save time man.


Helen said...


Yes. Though Malaysia is small, but we have once again proven ourselves worthy. Look at the intelligence network and technology of our pirated VCD agency. Unreleased movies are premiered 1st in our night market. No easy feat.

Maybe we can offer intelligence gathering courses to those gwai-lohs. (since they so fucked up the last time)

Finally, we can build the one and only Uni in the world offering such courses. Who said Malaysia do not have 1st class Uni?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

how true, do u remember years back one of our malaysian caught for organize big time football betting syndicate in London.Even buy over few famous players to lose in the game.

kruy® said...

haha... the silly jokes actually all makes sense to me ;p