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Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Done Some Renovation On My Blog Wor

Since September I started to blog I was thinking just play Three play Four. But I never imagine got many regular readers drop by my site hear me talk rubbish’s. I really shy shy and thank you all very much for dropping by my blog , just want you nice people out there have some good laugh mai as how silly I’m.

At times I was thinking to stop blogging for various reasons

I oso found out this BlogWorld got different clan one wor ,I friend you, you friend me, I don't friend you ,U don't friend me,

I think is quite normal la because blog oso involve human emotional too mai. I don’t know how long I will blog la, maybe when my prime intention within me had change la.
Even no one see my blog I still have a long way to write some of my silly story of me, futhermore this two three months I learn so much things exp on I.T.

I realise I’m quite ‘IN’ in this blogging things, just like this morning I spend almost 6 hours do up my blog renovation.
U know la , I not good in renovation, but I go find find good paint from paint shop, go find find good developer who have good lay out so can use it to renovate my blog. Some more I don’t know how to mix the paint to have certain colors and have to find some paint catalogue to help me mix certain colors I like,

When put up the signboard , the signboard sometime become to big sometime become too small until I have to adjust almost 11 times.

Earlier my home show greenly image just like country side, as I think think since I live in KL City why don’t I put my home with a KL City View image .

I love sunset as during the evening I always like a dragon with full of energy become night devil but when during day time I like a lazy snake because got working mai.

After my hard work on my blog renovation , maybe I go get some fire crackers and let go some 'bang' 'bang' ....also call Lion Dance come and do the opening of my new home hoh. If I do all this thing sure got Luck mai..so when you visit my blog you also got luck mai.

See I good or not?

Anyway hope u all like this new renovation



Kupp said...

Nice blog

kruy said...

i am very impress! and i love the KL city sunset signboard! even the comments box changed. a very good 6 hours effort :)

helen said...


Waaaaa, very action lar... Your blog SO NICE!!!!! Now looks like pro-blogger blog!! lol

Seriously, do u think bloggers got clan one ar?? If we are those who blog for a good time and also not earning anything extra from our blogs, we dun have to diu them. Right or not?

Seriously, your blog looks very very nice... I want a new look too!!!! Grrr Grrr

93~94 said...

kupp- thanks

kruy- haha i want u 2 miss Malaysia more mai.

Helan- Helan jei jei..u r right we should enjoy ourself as we don't earn extra just have shre share.Tell u la i really enjoy going ur blog and u write beautiful funny post.
I 'm new in this blog as I change this blog it took me quite sometime with alot of trial n error.I set up another dummies blog just do my testing before I finalize.Helan plz send me an email so I can reply some of the blog template link fot ur infor.

93~94 said...

Ohms soli as my email still not up yet.

My email:- wongtatswee@gmail.com

narrowband said...

Ever since i started blogging, I have been spending more time playing with it (modify the design) than actually studying! Ohmaigawt!

Nice renovation!

narrowband said...

Btw hor, the link u provided in PPS missed out one "n" leh! I ownself add "n" in my browser de! *wink

93~94 said...

Thanks a lot narrowband as i might miss out the 'N' when I do the copy.See ur blog(it good) and hope u can teach me some tips

She's Jess said...


You write interesting stuffs ey =)

Nice banner on the top!

wingz said...

wuah kunghei kunghei for sun kui yup foh ..... come come i hadiah siew G yat jek :P

93~94 said...

jess- thks jess u write good 2

wingz- i love siew yoke ..come come we all share share eat.

She's Jess said...

ah ha.. mine comprises of almost nonsense :)

boo_licious said...

93-94 - The newly renovated blog rocks! Maybe I should ask your help to "renovate" mine.

93~94 said...

Jess- i don't think so wor

Boo_Licious:- I only newbie,but u need to teach me cooking la. I was thinking every week once I blog about famous KL small eating stall.Your makan blog very informative.R u former food review writer?

buaya69 said...

wah, nice! now expert liao hor? :P

93~94 said...

Wah buaya koa koa oso come to my low standard site, TQ wor.No la i just play play and still leaning la.

Passby said...

Very nice blog design dude

ccpst said...

good design