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Friday, May 02, 2008

9393 Dancing Post : Electric Boogaloos

This week Dancing Post :-


Sources : Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_Boogaloos
The Electric Boogaloos is a funk dance and street dance group focusing on a style called the electric boogaloo, a variant of popping. They are the reincarnation of a group called the Electronic Boogaloo Lockers that was founded in 1977 by Boogaloo Sam and Nate "Slide" Johnson in Fresno, California, after being inspired by one of the pioneer locking groups known as The Lockers.

In 1978, Sam moved to Long Beach and started the Electric Boogaloos, with all new members.

The Electric Boogaloos state that Boogaloo Sam was the originator of the popping technique and the basics of the electric boogaloo dance style.

This story has not been confirmed however, yet in the 1970s they appeared on the television program Soul Train, which is said to have contributed to the spread of popping.The Electric Boogaloos also performed in the Talking Heads music video "Cross-Eyed and Painless."

Electric Boogaloos Perform on TV on May-3-1980.
WOW !! 28 years as today !!.
Some dance step ' Moon walking much earlier than Michael Jackson does during the mid 80's. This video basically doing the 'Popping' as a popular dance now in this 21st century. The video clip of above consists of dancers :-
Creepin' Cid, Boogaloo Sam, Robot Dane, Puppet Boozer, and Popin' Pete

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