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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

9393 EastSouthWestNorth EatKing (7) :- Imbi Hainan Tea

This week topic:- Hainanese Kopi Tiam

Today East South West Food post number 7 :-

Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea @ Imbi Wet Market

One fine weekdays morning two good friend 9394 and Fun Cheong:-

Fun Cheong:Niang-sing Why you take me to this Imbi Market for breakfast, thinking you take me in front of this market 'Imbi Palace Restaurant ' for Dim Sum
9394:I want to drink good coffee Tea la, eat half boil eggs
Fun Cheong:Cipet, that day only we go to eat at Yut Kee and drink hainan coffee.
9394:Inside the market have a stall very special Hainan Tea la
Fun Cheong: You say you want to drink coffee, now you say Hainan TEA ??? what la
9394: This Hainan tea is 'CHUM' la ( Chum means Coffee mix with Tea )

Fun Cheong:How come the signboard of this market is call 'New Bukit Bintang market' and Not Imbi market?
9394 : Since day one this market is call Imbi Market la but DBKL named it Bukit BinatangBintang.Actually this market original located at Lot 10 shooping Mall, and shifted here during the 70's.

Fun Cheong: Wa ! I notice a lot drivers waiting for their lady boss, somemore notice got Kwei Lo come here too
9394: Hear people says many rich people do thier market shopping here, some come from bangsar, damansara. That why here the price a bit expensive than other markets. Later you notice a lot of Si-la enjoying their cup of coffee, can also over hear when & wear they just brought a $2,000 hand bag.

Fun Cheong: Oh so this Ah Weng Koh Hainen Tea, the boss just now ask us what we want and damn lansi..so more talk so loud until Sungai wang Plaza also can hear is voice
9394: Is him la, now weekdays normally office workers having brekfast, Weekend pack with people and Ah Weng will more lansi. Monday this stall & market closed

9394: This is their brand specialty , Hainan Tea Cold, Half boil eggs and Roti Kahwin
Fun Cheong: What 'ROTI KAHWIN ' ??..that day we eat ROTI BABI, this Roti Kahwin inside dog meat instead of pork??
9394: ROTI KAHWIN means inside have Butter and Kaya la, meaning the butter and kaya marry together loh

Fun Cheong: So this is " Hainan Tea ". Yes I can taste strong coffee and tea. Taste better than some Hong Kong Style cafeteria's ' Coffee & tea mix. taste smooth and milky, no wonder I notice so many people order this type of drink

Fun Cheong: Now I know why this Bun is call 'ROTI KAHWIN". The butter and kaya does goes well with this toasted bun,taste good as it's hot. A good marriage of Mr Butter and Miss Kaya

9394: I follow Ah Weng instructions to keep the eggs in the jar for 10 mints.
Fun Cheong : Arrr I prefer some fast food kopitam , ready half boil egg and no need to wait la
9394:True, but this way if you prefer 10% raw boil you can within 3 minute eat la, or 60% wait 15 minute la
Fun Cheong : 15 minute cow come home oredi

Fun Cheong: Look there, that table got a signage VIP ???. For who VIP la ??
9394: hahaha I think is for his regular customer who normally comes in big group and ask for booking tables
Fun Cheong: Night Club I go I know can book table, Cipet here a hawker stall also got reserve table one !!!

Fun Cheong: You don't take me here la, kenot see Liang Lui, only see old cock and si la.
9394: You and me also old cock. Next day I take you here eat some good food too such as Wan Tan Mee, porridge, nasi lemak etec.
Fun Cheong : No la, take me eat dim sum la

The Imbi Hainan Tea : Of 5 Bananas I gave:-

Foot note:- 9394 and Fun Cheong part of it is Friction


Yinsi Yat said...

Tiu lor, why you no take me here wan? You want kena chop sap 9 lok izzit?

Nine3 Nine3 said...

No Chop la..I PAU there one !!.
Any problem just say my name "9394" and you be alright

dreamie said...

Hoi.. 'fun cheong' is a canton local slang rite? wat meaning ar? i heard tis name b4 wan...

chum = hainan tea , i baru tau !
WAA so pro at making telur.. can be timed, but after if i talking cock tat time, then the eggs mia overcook ? kakakaka
3 biji WHY?? cos
the size so kecil lorr..kkk

'roti kahwin' ada la.. you heard of "mee kahwin" mou ?

pinkpainter said...


Ya Lo. The boss is very proud. He had good business ma, wouldn't worry go wrong with u lo.

Yet, couldn't deny that the Hainan Tea at the Roti Kahwin are die-for.