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Monday, April 28, 2008

9393 EastSouthWestNorth EatKing (6) :- Yut Kee Restaurant

This week topic:- Hainanese Kopi Tiam
Today on my East South West Food post number 6 :-

Yut Kee Restaurant

Unlike in other state small town or even big city Singapore, finding a good old Hainanese kopitiam in Kuala Lumpur is difficult.
One of the popular traditional Hainanese Kopitiam still around in Kuala Lumpur 'Yuk Kee Restaurant' located at Jalan Dang Wangi ( formerly this road name CAMPBELL Road) Kuala Lumpur. In business since 1920',currently managed by the 2nd generation. This coffee shop also known to the regular patrons as "Jack Place" as the currant owner name Jack Lee.
Beside famous of Hainanese breakfasts coffee, tea, toasted bread with half boiled eggs other's popular such as Western cuisine Chicken/Pork Chop, Lam Mee etc.Two famous signature food :- "Roti Babi' ( Pork Bun) & Marble Butter Cake.

Opened from 8 am to 5 pm.(Always packed with people's) Closed on Mondays !

Restaurant interior good old kopitiam layout.The portrait picture of the above is the founder Lee Tai Yu

Great Day start off with a Good Old Kopi Kau

Charcoal toasted bread goes with Kaya and butter

This what I call good " Half Boiled Eggs "

Yut Kee Famous ROTI BABI

Soft bread filling with onions, pork, chinese sausage, fried eggs goes well with Worchestershire sauce. Eat this you will forget what is your father surname

Yut Kee Famous Marble Butter Cake

Rich Marble Butter Cake

Yut Kee Restaurant verdict: Of 5 Bananas I gave:-



jomel said...

loger taikor, next time, ta pau one butter cake for me please! And a babi pau too!! And two eggs half boiled... :)

dreamie said...

waaa i suka the telur!!!!!, liddis hou hou seik wan, two no enuf, i can whack 3 biji... kkk

must take a trip down memory lane, long time no go there alredi.

thks for the buka kedai hours !

Bob Goh said...

OMG! You make me drool....! I miss the roti bakar....Fedex me some will you? 8-D

babe_kl said...

did u try the hawkers at the back lane??? the CKT, prawn mee and loh meen are kick ass!!!

yday i went to behind pudu jail hokkien mee but was too early!!! belum bukak :(

sun,moon&star said...

yes, i like this place too, a real classic kopitiam.

ah nel said...

next time i go kl we meet thre... ;)

btw got wifi kar? LOL

Nine3 Nine3 said...

Jomel:- mei mei, because KL always traffic jam reach your place pack the half boil eggs became Hard boil eggs la :-(

dreamie: Woi why you whack so many eggs?? you always at night do overtime ka??

Bod Goh:- Nice to see you here, use to drop by your blog.
Hahaha..when you see all the malaysian food you sure miss the local food here

Babe KL :- I know behind have some stalls for office hour lunch..did not try the prawn mee/loh mee..must try..thanks.
The Pudu jail Hokkian mee must go after 8.30pm la..by 9.30 a lot people eating oredi

Moon:- wei i knew you very young wor..why you have old taste ke?

Ah Nel : make sure call me when u in KL bruder !!
For what need wifi..no ah moi to tackle la..all hungry people eating Roti babi

sun,moon&star said...

well, young also can have "old taste" ma if you know what i mean LOL!!

Nine3 Nine3 said...

Moon :- if you like old taste than you knock the right door..Muwahahahahah

QuaChee said...

half boiled eggs are always so yummy! this looks nice.. :)