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Friday, June 13, 2008

9393 Dancing Post: JumpStyle Dance

This week dancing post & in line with the next 3 weeks I gonna blog a popular dance in Europe call 'JUMP':-


Please read my previous on Bulgaria Folk Dance post here than continue read today post.

The Genre of Jumpstyle Dance from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jumpstyle
Also known as Chicago Hard House, is subgenre of hard dance, its is characterised by a distorted 909 kick drum used in a 4 to the floor beat. Jumpstyle can be seen as slowed on down version of old style Gabber, but it has since solidified its position as a genre of its own, jump style is often criticized by the fans of gabber. It often uses light-hearted rave-like sounds, and tracks are likely to be quite minimal. The style is no longer at its peak, with its characteristic sounds can been seen as quite dated these days. However, bands like Captain Ahab are attempting to re-popularize the genre.

The following video from youtube on Dutch Jumpstyle icon Patrick Jumpen on his debut video Jumpstyle Dance. This guy is amazing and had upload numbers of video on Youtube. He now have his own website known as Patrick Jump style :- http://www.patrickjumpstyle.com/

Have a Good weekend , please come back next Friday for my final series on Jumpstyle dance



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