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Thursday, May 22, 2008

9393 ESWN EAT (13): Subang SS15 Pork Noodles


This week topic:- PORK NOODLES

Today East South West Food post number 13 :-


One Saturday afternoon 9393 and his LoPoh dropping their kids for some sport activities in Subang Jaya, 9393 hungry and want to eat

9393: Since we need to come back about 2 hours times, we go eat lunch la.You like pork noodles than we eat pork noodles la. I had seen online about a stall that sell good Pork Noodles call Qua Lin in SS15 Subang.But got to wait long times, but since today is Saturday I think should be aright la
LoPoh: Good Good, where the place?
9393: Subang SS15, They had move to a new restaurant call POMANDER, just opposite Subang Square and Restaurant Sea View

LoPoh: My goodness, it seems a lot of people despite now about 1.30pm. I notice a lot students couples waiting for their meals
9393: Since today is Saturday and no class, as beside here many collage. I also notice they all waiting patiently
LoPoh: How long do we need to wait la
9393: I don't know, now i am timing it


After 30 mints Wait LohPoh inpatient, get a magazine from the restaurant to read
After almost 50 mints
9393: wait Wait don't eat first !!
LoPoh: Woi..i hungry la!!. Why now days you keep taking food pictures?? Is it you post it on the net for your Lovers??
9393: What la..is for my blog la
LoPoh: Why now you post about food
9393: I have my reasons la..is actually for my self challenge la..maybe by year end i will post my reason la
LoPoh: Don't talk so much la ! Faster la..I want to eat la, somemore other people look at you like a stupid fool keep taking photo's dunno for WHAT !!
9393: Ok dear..eat la
9393: Nice hor ?
LoPoh: Aiya..we wait so long ..in our mind sure good la.
9393: True also, but the soup goes well with the meats intestines, liver,vegi. One by one they boil..sure nice la. Also is not over cook as the meat is tender and just perfect
LoPoh: Haha , seldom see you almost finish a bowl of noodles. The soup almost you hantam all

Subang SS15 Pork Noodles Of 5 Bananas I gave:-


zewt said...

damn oily but i am sure it's damn yummy too!!

Nine3 Nine3 said...

when eat did not notice oily as is hot.