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Monday, May 19, 2008

9393 ESWN EAT (12): Brickfield PETER Pork Noodles


This week topic:- PORK NOODLES

Today East South West Food post number 12 :-


One normal day Peter-the-CarSalesMan casual visit 9393 office. During the conversation 9393 ask about Brickfield Pork Noodles

9393:- Everytime I see you hor, your name 'Peter' reminds me many years ago you brought me eat pork noodles , also by the name 'Peter Pork Noodles'
Peter-the-CarSalesMan: Haha, I still use to eat there, but they had shifted to a new place.
9393: They shirted to where??
Peter-the-CarSalesMan : Still in Brickfield la, main road of Jalan Brickfield, just opposite Pos Laju and opposite shops, behind a food court call 'Restaurant Mayflower'.
9393: Aiyo, so complicated to go there !
Peter-the-CarSalesMan : Never mind, if you don't know how to go there, another branch just in front of Brickfield YMCA, a corner coffee shop.
9393: If YMCA I know where la, Is the standard still good in Peter Pork noodles. I used to eat at OUG Pork noodles or SS15 Subang Jaya Pork Noodles.
Peter-the-CarSalesMan: I had eat at that two places , but I still think Peter Pork Noodles the best la.
9393: Maybe is call 'PETER' , that why you said Best la.
Peter-the-CarSalesMan: No la, the taste still good la. It seems they are the 1st shop in KL use eggs in the pork noodles.
9393: Actually eat too much , no good la, futher more add eggs..ayy high cholesterol la
Peter-the-CarSalesMan: Aiya..eat first think later la
9393: No wonder Privite hospital good business

@ YMCA Coffee Shop

@ Mayflower Restaurant

@ YMCA Coffee Shop

@ Mayflower Restaurant

Peter Pork Noodles Of 5 Bananas I gave:-

In aid efforts for the victims of the Cyclone in Myanmar and the Earthquake in China, Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant is organising Charity Dinner on 20th May 2008. For more details please go HERE

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