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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

9393 ESWN EAT (11): Sunrise Roasted Duck Rice @ PJ Sea Park

This week topic:- Roasted Duck Rice

Today East South West Food post number 11 :-


One Wednesday 11.30am 9393 again call Choy Sok for lunch

9393: sor hai ! where are you now? wanna go lunch ma?
Choy Sok: I am in PJ state
9393: Good! I also in PJ now, we go PJ Seapark eat duck rice la
Choy Sok: Mahai ! That day only we two go eat duck rice at Sun Ming Duck Rice. Why ! the duck do you wrong past life , now you day day want to eat duck !!. Some more eat too many duck no good la, my grandmother says duck got poison and can make our bone pain pain.
9393: Don't be stupid la, is not poison as your Gandmother teach you la. Is call URIC ACID la , and if a person have joint pain or grout eat ducks meat SURE got uric acid la.
Don't talk cock la, 5 minute I wait you at Sunrise Duck shop la.

31 Jalan 21/1 SEA Park Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7876 9689
Business Hours: Lunch time only and until ducks run out ( Closed on Monday)

Choy Sok: This shop open how many years?
9393: I think almost 27 years
Choy Sok: Hear the owner name Lawrance , who once works in an architects firm
9393: Cash business still the best la, anyway this shop roasted duck consider the Best

Choy Sok: Roasted skin crispy ..nice
9393: But this time i felt a bit dry, the rice quite flat . But is much better than many duck shop la
Choy Sok: Than why you come la
9393: Maybe I find the people works here quite friendly, but during office lunch hour , getting a seat is out of system

Sunrise Roasted Duck Rice Of 5 Bananas I gave:-



dreamie said...

Weii.. U duck specialist..
FROM kL TO Pj all u sapu :P

babe_kl said...

compare this wid the maju jaya (near shamelin), which one better???

sy said...

i been there before, recommended from my friend, tasty....

sun,moon&star said...

it seems they have been around for a long time but one thing i can tell you, their ducks are very expensive.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that they are still there. We used to go there for lunch, from Wisma Dungun...that's 20 yrs ago.

Nine3 Nine3 said...

Dreamie:- I call duck ma and no call chicken ma..kekekeke

babe : I think the Maju better la

SY: Very popular in PJ, only duck they serve and no other roasted meat

Sun/Moon/Star: I notice that too, anyway now very thing also expensive la. Simple mix rice lunch easily $5

Anoy: This shop more a Husband and wife stall. Saw a young lady, maybe is their relative.