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Monday, May 12, 2008

9393 ESWN EAT (10): Sun Ming Duck Rice @ Taman Connaught

This week topic:- Roasted Duck Rice

Today East South West Food post number 10:-


One Saturday late morning 9393 call Choy Sok for lunch

9393: Hello Choy Sok !, where are you ?
Choy Sok: Sleeping la, why so early call la
9393: Cipet !, now almost 10.30am and you still sleeping
Choy Sok: Today no working ma. Also last night I sleep late
9393: Last night you go and become 'DUCK' ar ?
Choy Sok: If I can become 'DUCK' I rich loh...Mahai I dont have the look how to become 'DUCK' la. You wake me up what you want la ?
9393: hahaha. Call you up, ask you want to go eat or not?. Since you can't become 'DUCK' maybe we go call 'DUCK ' rice
Choy Sok: Ok Ok as I so long no eat Duck rice.I prefer Roasted Duck rice instead Teow Chiew Duck Rice.
9393: We eat Roasted Duck rice la. Which shop you wanna go?. ' PJ Sea Park or Paramount Garden ? Kepong ? Cheras Shameline or my favorite Cheras Connaught ?
Choy Sok: Ok we go Cheras Connaught la, meet you there about 11.30am
9393: 11.30am will be fine, good also as the duck just roasted and not too many people

Address:- No. 137, Jalan Sarjan, Taman Connaught, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
- Located Shoplot in front Connaught Highway. Same row with BPH Petrol station or Domino Pizza
Business Hours : Lunch Time Only and Closed on every Tuesday

Choy Sok :One day they sell how many ducks?
9393: I don't know as is no my grandfather shop. The way we see them I think easily above 100 duck la
Choy Sok : Look at the 'Choper" , now before 12 noon he chop the meat like stone stone
9393: mahai, people focus ma, if play play hand also can chop off
9393: I order Cha Siew and Roasted Sausages beside Duck. But I no order Roasted Pork as scare we two cannot finish la
Choy Sok: Wow the Char Siew so melting la..I like Iike

Choy Sok: Now I know why you always come here and so many people eat here. The roasted skin just so crispy and the duck meat roasted with tenderness

Sun Ming Roasted Duck Rice Of 5 Bananas I gave:-



babe_kl said...

ya ya ya this one nice but too bad they only opens for lunch :(

KY said...

slurps slurps!

dreamie said...

" Boss, kasi nasi tambah satu besar !! "

J. Colette Ting said...


Nine3 Nine3 said...

babe KL:- make big money no need work at night loh

KY :- don't hantam all la

dreamie:- You hamtam all , why u still need nasi la

Colette: hahah I look at your picture I *craves* too

sun,moon&star said...

try the corner shop at section 17 near the market area. their freshly roasted duck and char siew is really finger licking good.

carin said...

Hi 9393,
how are you?
good to see you back to blogging,
and this looks yummy !

(i can still recalled your long time roasted duck post... very touching )

Nine3 Nine3 said...

sun/moon/star:- I know which shop you refer,I am regular there, but lately i notice their roasted meat drown standard la..seems not crispy and a bit dry

Carin:- I am fine and glad you still remember me. Hope you great too
The roasted duck drumstick still my yearly gifts from my loa poh