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Monday, April 14, 2008

9393 EastSouthWestNorth EatKing (2) :- Woo Pin Fish Head Noodle

Today on my East South West Food post number 2 :-

Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles located at Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur , Taman Danau Desa ( Taman Desa -Old Klang Road)

One weekday 9am morning on my way to Petaling Jaya, notice heavy traffic despite almost 9am. Since a bit early for an appointment decide turn into Taman Danau for my breakfast.Since I am at Taman Danau a famous shop selling fish head strike my mind " Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles ( the noodles is Mee Hoon -Rice Vermicelli)

At the corner Shop, next to Danau Idaman Condominium.

During the evening this shop serve steamboat( different operator)

Best eating at weekday as weekend need to fight for a seat. But lunch time pack as usual.

The soup and the noodles I consider the BEST among others fish head noodles i ate in Kuala Lumpur. Rich milky, not a taste of heavy MSG(food additive ), The Noodles(Rice Vermicelli) smooth and non sticky despite the soup burning hot.

I request Non-Fried Fish Head, that the reason I use to come to this stall. This way of cooking instead of fried can tell whether the fish is fresh or not. The fried seems to have a lot of bones.

Nice chile sauces go with it,

3 big pieces of fish oil meat go with milky soup, feel hungry now

The soup taste good almost clean the bowl.Consider OK with the price of $6.50

Forget my drink ' Cham Ping' ( Coffee and tea mix ice )

The kitchen look tidy and clean as is visible in front of the shop.


Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles

A37, Plaza Danau 2, Jalan 109F
Taman Danau Desa, 58100
Kuala Lumpur.
Handphone:- 012-201 3148

Business Hours: 7.30am - 2.30pm ( Closed on Monday)

The Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles verdict: Of 5 Bananas I gave:-



angeles said...

this must be the one that kenny say veli laku wan? i oso want to go try liao.. thx for the pics, unker!

dreamie said...

Bradder, yr makan info good leh!

woh !! Fish head noodles my fav. !!!
this one i try b4. Ho Jiak.
Pssst... try their barley drink ..

The Jln Kuchai Lama fish head noodle in claypot with yam,
U got try mou? Another best :P

Nine3 Nine3 said...

Angelas:- you mean Kenny in Dubai also have fish head noodles..lol..
Joking la..I think so la.
Glad you like the photos, an encouragement for me to post more

dremie: I no try the Kuchai Lama Fish head noodle..cepat capat give direction

dreamie said...

at Old Klang Rd, wet market turn left,
go straight, U see on yr right ESSO &
SHELL p/stn, keep on your right side.
Turn on yr right to SHELL p/stn.
GO STRAIGHT and further down the row of shops you look out for
XO fish head*

don't go to the wrong shop wor...
got 2 shops there

look out for the signboard (*)

Happy discovery !!

Nine3 Nine3 said...

Dreamie:- TQ buddy, will go there