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Friday, April 18, 2008

9393 DanCing (3): Michael Jackson MoonWalk

Last week on my dancing post I blog on John Tak Ada Otak this week I will blog on :-


Not Michael Jackson Drink la I gonna blog la(The picture is a popular Malaysian Drink we call- Soya Bean mix with Black Jelly or call Cin Cau ) Picture took from GilaGolf

Today on my dancing post number 3 I blog on Moonwalk by Micheal Jackson
The real Michael Jackson many consider him as the 20th Century Dancing King especially on his Moonwalk.

In Malaysia we call it GOSTAN DANCE, since it go backward.

Those days I use to practice this dance on the bathroom by wetting the floor with soap so I can go backwards easily.
Some other times will post how to dance the Moonwalk, anyway it will look stupid now dancing in the Clubs, people will call you "Sor Hai "

For more detail on this dance go Wikipedia:- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moonwalk_(dance)

Enjoy one of the best video I found in YOUTUBE on Moonwalk .
Have a good weekend people.

Let's dance ~~~


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