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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Why Elvis call "MAU WONG" ?

Today 8th of August January is the birthday of King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.

Even since i was a kid I known Elvis by the Cantonese nickname "Mau Wong" means
Mau= Cat Wong= King.

I being searching for an answer for many moons why he being call this nickname "Mau Wong" ?.

I known he sang a song call " Hound Dog " but not Hound Cat, so why Cat King and not Dog King??

My guess maybe he dance like a cat??

I like to do Tiger Show, if I famous like LinPeh maybe i call Tiger King

Cat King



kat said...

Happy New Year, 9393! Or should I call you Fu-wong.. :D

I love that name, Mau Wong! My MIL calls him that.

Ya, mebbe he dance like a cat esp when he goes on his tippy-toes??

ah nel said...

Hepi New Year godfather... :D

they call him mau wong as his hair look like cat...

Lin Peh said...

Tiu ! "Today 8th of August" ? U sort palak liao ah ? Hai Wong !

For Yvonne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nine3 Nine3 said...

hahaha..cipet i stone stone thinking 8 is august....this year 8 august is 8-8-08

Leena said...

Gong Xi Fa Choy and Happy NEw year!!

dreamie said...

Hoi Braddar, * San Nin Fai Lok *
Happy Yan Yan birthday
Happy Cheng Yan Day

Y so long no update geh ?

Winn said...

gong xi fa cai 939495969798...

dreamie said...

*light fire crackers*
do lion dance
dragon dance
hip hop dance

00ooo ooiii.. Bradar mana lu pegi ??

dreamie said...

March 3rd...
Many happy returns of the day!
HaPPY BirthDAY Bradar ... :P