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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Go up Mountain often will meet Tiger

Chinese saying " Go Up Mountain Often Sure Meet Tiger"..means play play too much will get caught just like our poor Health Minister ( Former now)

Whatever is the past, now seems every where is not save to main main. I think i no more Pio Mei for time being or if really want to play play not only wear condom , wear mask also

Or maybe get a "Spycam Detector" !!!

Since a wireless spy camera cost only about RM300 as reported.I think for a spycam detector can get cheaper either in Low Yat Plaza or Jalan Pudu Kuala Lumpur.

Spycam Detector I think not only good for people who always "Curi Makan, is also useful for ladies especially in the public toilet or department store changing room.



dreamie said...

Yalor hor, play play oni mah but costs him his reputation, status, power, career, etc all habis liao
a very high price to pay indeed...

sumore makes history in Msia
on New Year 2008.. haiih sad case!!

Makes me ponder aso... Does honesty pay?

Nine3 Nine3 said...

He is in the game of politics..he knows it well.

Anyway is still good to be honest..I mean have clean life..need not look left look right ..look behind while walking

Helen said...

I'll do the opposite. If I have the spycam detector and found out I'm being spied, I quickly go put-on makeup and do those super hard karma sutra moves to impress.. I'm such a whore! lol