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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Roast Duck Drumstick- My Best Valentine Gift

Chat with May on yahoo at 10plus asking her to teach me MP3 coding(thks alot May) , to be put on my blog for my new posting on George Lam concert that I attended during CNY .Not only I will blog about the concert , I will write one of George Lam love song coincide today Valentine day.
At midnight my lopor and kids came in my room wishing me, kissing me and giving me gifts.

Than I realize today is my Chinese Cow One (want to know what it means Cow One, please go to Survon blog)

Maybe lately being busy I have forgotten my Chinese Cow One.
So later I was thinking rather than blog about the concert why don’t I blog something about my Cow One Day

Every of my Chinese Cow One Day I always long to eat ‘Roast Duck Drumstick.

I don’t mind whether people remember my BD, or any gifts, Roast Duck Drumstick is a must.

I was born as a bastard, we were very poor during my childhood, and my late Mum got to go outstation to work, leave us behind and taken care by my late Grand Mum. Granny also need to work despite have to take care 3 of us, no matter how difficult she goes through she never shown it to us.

Her love to us is just immeasurable.

I remember when I was only 6 years old my neighbor kids were playing yoyo, back home I cry and requested my granny to get me one, but my elder sister scolded me saying Granny have no money. The very next day after her work she came back with 3 yoyos for us. Those days one yoyo cost about RM8 which means RM 24. Later years I found out in order to get that extra money to buy us 3 yoyo she actually pawn one of her gold item to get us yoyo.

Every of our Chinese birthday, she never fail to travel all the way to Petaling Street from PJ by mini bus to get us Roost Duck Drumstick. The reason she needs to get 3 drumsticks, she does not want the others two who are not birthday to have nothing. But she never buys one drumstick or roast duck meat for herself to eat.

Later years I came to knows sometime she need to beg the seller to sell her 3 drumstick, or if she can’t get 3, she need to go to other side of KL Pudu to make it 3 drumsticks. So every year 3 of us will eat 3 roast duck drumstick a year.Only later when she not well she did not get us drumstick but giving us ang pow instead.

Why roast duck drumstick? I did ask my sister once.

It seems during my grand mum days when in Canton ,China., eating roast duck drumstick might be consider only once a lifetime if ones is lucky or never ever taste roast duck meat before. During our birthday Grand mum wants us to have the best food during our cow one day that the reason

I always remember before Granny give me the roast drumstick as BD gift she will said this to me -‘You are one year bigger, be a good kid, study hard, when big don’t let people look down on you’.

I never appreciated what my garndmum taught me or take any of her advise, I was naïve, bad and worst of all , I beame a triad members that brings a lot of pain to my family especially my grand mum who love me very much.

She past away 13 years ago. I regretted I never give her any comfortable life when she alive.Sad she did see some little success on me now.Not so much on materials wealth but me as a person.
My 2 sister also do well in life now in the other part of the world .Sometime when we talk about those days and our Birthdays eating Roast Duck Drumstick tears always on our eyes.

After she pass away, Every year during my cow one day I will buy me a roast duck drumstick.I recalled on one occassion I have difficulties finding myself a drumstick, I drove to many shops just to get one pices of Drumstick.Can imagine how difficult my Granny getting 3 drumstick for us.

Now my lopor in turn get me a roast duck drumstick for my Cow Day One Day. Normally she will go to the market early to get one before I leave for office.

When eating the drumstick I will remind myself what had my Grandmum taught me those days- work hard, it ok if just live a simple life but never let others look down on oneself, live a honest life ,hurt no one.

This year my Valentine best ever gift from my Lopor:-

Roast Duck Drumstick.



may said...

that's a heart rendering story. at least you'd grown up to be a better person now. blessed is your granny.

happy valentine's,
happy ngow yatt!

may said...

whoops.. I meant "a touching story". may you have many more siew ngap pei to eat till your golden years!

Lil Patchee said...

Oh dear.. I had the impression that you were (are you?) much, much younger than me! ;)
Wishing you a lovey-dovey, "moo"-ish day!! Am sure your granny, somewhere out there, is smiling now and proud of you. *hugz*

PinPin 彬彬 said...

A very touching story...

Happy Valentine's and Happy Birthday!

boo_licious said...

That's so sweet of you lou por and a touching story. Maybe you should also buy roast duck drumstick for you Grandma on her birthday and offer it to her. Happy Valentine's and Birthday to you!

Siao Cha Bor said...

happy siew ngap pei day!

had tears reading this post

first you say got louporr, then you say got kid, now got kidS pulak?

aisey, now gotta throw more orenges into lake, pond, sea, dam, aquarium,......

Robert said...

happy birthday 9394

Joyce said...

Today is a special and meaningful day for you.

"Happy valentine and birthday to you. Wishing you many happy returns of the day"

Hope you have a happy & a wonderful time with your family.

Now, if ever i see a Roast Duck Drumstick it will remind me of you.

This was indeed a very heartfelt post.

Anonymous said...

Hey, why you say you were born a bastard ah? I think you meant to say "orphan" la, hai mai?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

thanks alot everyone for the well wishes

May- hope she is blessed, Happy Valentine to u too

Patchee- How nice I can start all over again as a teenager

PinPin- Thks, happy velentine to u too

Boo - can't because her ashes buried in the sea, as she requested travel back to China
happy velentine to u too

Si La of the Month- sorry make u have tears, actually I believe everyone have great story untold.
u have a good velentine day SBC

Robert- Thks

Joyce - Aiyooo I did not mean to make u when see Roast duck dumbstick think of me mai..lol..why don't u see leng jai u think of me la.
Thks and happy velentine to u

Anonymous said...

'Hey, why you say you were born a bastard ah? I think you meant to say "orphan" la, hai mai? '

Bastard actually mean the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents.My case when I was born my Father does not accept me saying I belongs to some other guy, My real Dad have his own family

Anonymous said...

Ooops. Sorry ler, I thought you mistaken the two words. Is ok lar. What's past is past loh, ok? Happy Birthday all the same, Des.

sun,moon&star said...

such a sweet and touching story ....

one siew ngap pei on your ..
1. english date of birth
2. chinese ngow yat day
3. chinese new year yan yat day

happy birthday 9394

Wingz said...

bin kor wah ngo sor! ngo cheng hui sik siu ngor!

Wingz said...

tailo!!! kasi msn !!!

Ah Pek said...

i very jelus liao lah. happy ngau yat! may you enjoy another 100 siew ngap pei!

Helen said...

This is touching. It brings tears to my eyes reading about your grandma. I had duck last night too, but, it did not have much significance like yours.

Many people endured poverty in their childhood.... I know it's sad. Sometimes, when we're young, we never really think much about being rich or poor. I guess as we grew older, only then we realized that not everyone is born the same..... some need not worry about the food on the table, while some will even have to worry about shelter above their head.

No matter what, I'm happy that all the love and care from your grandma had shaped you to be the person you are today. I'm sure your grandma is comforted in the fact she did not die in vain. She had nurtured a worthy young man who will in turn passed her love and values to his own family.

Happy Valentine!

She's Jess said...

Very heart warning!

Well Desmond, Have a great V day anyway

Kelly said...

I hope your unhappy past is like a closed chapter in a book. Going forward, every day is a new beginning for you.

My sincere good wishes to you for a Happy Birthday & valentine with your love ones.

King's wife said...

apa lah? why make me cry on valentine's day?
we all come from different backgrounds, but it's who we are today that matters.
I am sure your grandma is very proud of you.
A very, very happy cow one to you, and happy valentine's day too!!!

Zara's Mama said...

Happy Cow One Day, and Valentine's Day.

If only we were as mature in our thinking when we were younger huh? At least you are doing well now and remember her fondly. That way, at least her love for you were not futile.

Kelly said...

I am going for date but after reading this, it is giving me teary eyes ...
Your grandma is a great lady and you also have found the right way home.
Most importantly, you also have found

Happy birthday & valentine day !
it is a happy day to be celebrated with the ones you love.

Cheers !!!

Survon said...



Just forget all the bad memories and be happy, dude.

I want that Roast Duck Drumstick too.... ;(

kruy® said...

happy birthday and happy valentine's day to u!

Cocka Doodle said...

9394.....Here's wishing you nin-nin yau kam yat, sui-sui yau kam chiu.
I'm glad you turned a new leaf. Never mind, we all go thru' some form of trials in life but most importantly is realizing and acknowledging them. That makes us wiser.
And I thought you were kidding when you commented in my blog that you 'dropped into a big hole'.

Next time if we meet up, let's wallop the whole roast duck!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, forgot to mention in my earlier comments, if you wanna taste good roask duck, try Gong Yam Gong Sek in Low Yat Plaza. The owner is a Hong Kong guy who started the restaurant, and their food is by far, more authentic Hong Kong fare than any other self-proclaimed Hong Kong Char Chan Teng. They have roast duck that taste like Hong Kong siew-ngor! Serious. I am a duck junky, so I know where the good ducks are. I came across their review at this link http://www.e-homeideas.com/magazine.php?issue=200508 and went to try and found that it's really delicious.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Anonymous- its ok la don't worry, I really don't mind ppl think I'm bastard, in fact I'm

SunMoonStar- wah u very cleaver wor! three drumstick for three of u..no problem la if lenglui wants

Wingz- Tan Sri u know no much ppl knows that songs unless u use to hang out in Petaling street area
Buggar u don't call me Tailo latter police catch me ar
I will email you my msn address later.

Ahpek- Thks Lo Sai(BigBoss), I can live until 130 plus mei ?..I reach 70 plus I happy like mad wor..like me smoke so much

Nine3 Nine 3 said...


Really is not my intention when i wrote this post to make people cry.In fact after I finish typing, and seeing the post I did shed tears, but the tears is more on joy, I knows people will read this post of mine, I so happy i at least can leave down my grandmum legacy of her love to us.
One of the point of this post is to highlight the greatness of Women, Women no matter what, they willing to sacrifice for their children. They are just great.

Kelly- kind enough to share your VD date mai?

JESS- Thks Jess, how is your VD? got go mamak celebrate? The blue rose u get damn nice

SURVON- thks, the past had become my encouragement in life to be better.
Wei..u begin to miss malaysian food ar..your holiday trip you got eat duck liver paste mai?

Kruy- Thks alot kruy

Cocka- I'm not joking when i comment at your post..I did have some very bad love relationship such as love triangle
buggar if with u not only we can sapu a duck two piglet also can.I hope one day we all like u, Wingz(rojak), lin Peh,Ah Pek all together and gila until no tomorrow

Annon- Yup Gong Yam Gong Sek in Low Yat Plaza very good , thanks for sharing.A lot place also good such as SeaPark PJ, Cheras Connaught and Shamelin or Kepong. You blog and let us know la.Thanks for droping by

Wingz said...

yar i memang lepak petaling street one last time ... u never read my entry bout petaling street meh ?

Survon said...

eh....i don't like any internal organ thingy...

elaine said...

happy belated birthday

your grandmum was great.
you have gone thru the
sweet, sour, bitter, hot-spicy (canto)
of life and that makes you a
man of substance.

you are also great, as you are your grandmum's achievement.

Happy days are here !! cheers !!!

Cocka Doodle said...

Yes, maybe one day we can all go and sail on Ah Pek's yacht.
Incidentally, one of the things we discussed in PD last Friday was Ah Pek's idea of organizing a Pesta PD for bloggers over a weekend at one of the resorts there.
How does this sound everyone? The northerners can charter a bus down to PD.

yvy said...

waaaaaaaaaa!!! you made me cry - so terharu when i read this blog.

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wah, very touching. Respect!

93~94 said...

Wingz- I find ur blog got one dunno is that one, please bagi link

Survon-but damn nice but also bad for health

Elaine- Thanks Elaine

Yvy- soli la

5xMom- Mothers are always GREAT

93~94 said...

cocka- I have posted about it.
We can share share the cost, hope the date won't clash with my pre-arrangement