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Monday, February 13, 2006

BroadDay Light Robbery

Got this set of photo's from a forwarded email regarding Broad Day Robbery, I don't know where this picture taken, of course not in Malaysia, should be somewhere in East Asia or South East Asia(The bus stop with chinese charactars wording). Hope after seeing this picture expecially ladies please be more careful.These picture for you to ponder not to enjoy:-

Take note on your left the ToTo Motobike, diew! he just to nothing !!

Also look at your right hand, a man was shock but.....

The man on the right hand just ignore and do nothing to help the helpness lady,would you help if you alone?.As for me I'm not sure.

What world are we living ?, shit !


Wingz said...


King's wife said...

the bastards are like animals!!!!

She's Jess said...

This is shit. It happened to me lots of times.. once a year.. shit right?

may said...

waaahhhh... *speechless*... it's such a sad reality. and when someone does go help, he gets himself killed (remember that security guard or something that chased after a snatch thief, but got attacked & died... poor thing).

glad ur blog is back to black, my eyes were getting a tad too sore... heheh!

Helen said...

** shake head ** This is what the world is coming to. Good samaritans get bashed and killed and what really makes me mad?? The fact that most ppl will say " serve him right lar... why so dor si?? Should've mind his own business what!??"

Hai, ppl can tolerate injustices and condone criminal acts but yet cannot give respect to those who dare stood up against these practices.

Siao Cha Bor said...

"chills, chills" along my spine eberytime i read about these

those 2 pricks, sure kena justice one day...they better watch out

even if they got away with the law, they can't run away from their conscience ( if they have any) and they definitely won't get away with GOD...judgment day will come

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

When i first saw this picture I really upset and worry.Even that picture from other country, our bolehland no different.I have a Business friend daughther(age 19)was kill after being drag by snatcher, coma for a week.Days before CNY my staff relatives also same case and until now still in coma.
Also lately a jogger being rape and murder.

To be fair even countries consider crime free lik New Zealand /Japan also faces same society problem( I have seen both bad incident in that two countries before)

Just be more careful and don't take things for granted

Anonymous said...

Ai yor, where the fuck is this place ah? Looks like in China, looking at the posters. But I dont remember having those small tuk-tuks in China. Anyway, the world is getting from bad to worse!! What should we do ler, Desmond jai?