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Friday, February 10, 2006

Please get me register for Malaysian Idol

Today Friday CNY 13th, tomorrow Saturday CNY 14th than the last day of CNY celebration on Sunday. Times seems passes fast.

Just back from gathering dinner, those guys wanna continue go drinking but me prefer back home. Just feel rigid and tire maybe after a hectic Pre-CNY, plus short trip to Taipei.
Better take care of myself, no need to run so fast, faster ones run after one day suddenly drops dead also don’t know for what?

3 days before CNY I was pretty wear out after having long meetings, getting collection, prepare final project proposal, attending numerous pre-cny dinner/lunch on the day work.

That night after attended a dinner I was back home thinking go straight to bed because damn tire but I was aware the new session of American idol showing around 11pm, since one my favorite program I watch at my living room.

I did not finish the show as I fall asleep. About 3am my lopor came down, get me back to sleep back to our room. I remember I did not go wash up myself or go shi shi, just straight to bed because dead tire.

My body alarm always wake me up around 6.30am and usually leave home for office about 8.00am

Around 7.00 am my colleague Mr. G calls my handphone. I was surprise why he call me so early, could it be some urgent matters in office need my attention.

G : Morning Desmond, sorry to call you so early

Me : Why so early

G : You send me an SMS I don’t understand

Me : What SMS, I did not send you SMS last night

G : Not last night, Is this morning 3am

Me : AH???

G : You ask me to register something…M.I and I don’t know what M.I is

Me : What register and M.I
Never mind you forward the sms I send you and we talk when we in office

Within minute G send me back the sms(I also check my phone outbox that send out sms).

It reads:-

“In morning go register me m i.tq”

After seeing it I still don’t understand what it means?. I keep thinking and thinking while driving. I keep asking myself how come I don’t know what I did at 3 am and send sms to G.

After some time I rewind back what I did before I go to sleep and realize I watch American Idol and fall asleep.

Than I realize M.I. means = ‘ Malaysian Idol ’.

Which mean at 3am me sms G to get me register for the Malaysian Idol.

Must be few days ago I sang in Lin Peh CNY Blogger Sing Song Project get me thrill of singing or one of the reasons while watching the American Idol telling myself I sing better than those contestant’s.

But the scariest part
1) I not aware I SMS to somebody at 3am.
2) How i able key in the words
3) Why Malaysian Idol and not American idol(haha maybe i'm Ah Beng)
4)Why to G
5) Where I sms..at my bed?..downstair?..errr scariest

I know wondering if I rape somebody how hor??

I now wonder whether did I ever talk in my sleep?.

When back to office G waiting for me , I pretend saying my phone must have gone crazy, must be atomically send out.

I know the main reason is I being over stress. That why last week I have asthma attack. I think I need to relax more and should plan a healthy lifestyle in my daily life.


Wingz said...

whoaaa!!! slow down!!! taikor slow down!!! take a while off to appreciate what u having now ... no point to have all the toys in the world but not to have time to play with it right ?


Anonymous said...

unrelated but, your blog just blinded me arghhh!!!

cheng sim said...

Malaysian Idol is not as extravagant nor those the contestants are talented as the American Idol. i still prefer American Idol hands down.

may said...

eh, sign up and try je! you'll never know what will happen, right? even william hung can get famous liao!

about not remembering anything... nemind... maybe your evil twin sent it for u... or worse, ur loupoh, when you were sleeping! heheheh!

Lin Peh said...

Warning ! Since u able to send sms (and spell korect somemore) while u sleeping, Lin Peh sure you tok in sleep oso. So, don't 9394 and yamade too much especially you got lou po wan somemore !

By the way, if you join M.I Lin Peh sure get you at least 10,000 votes !

Ah Pek said...

waa maybe you pocesssed by a night datuk. next time sms me 4d ok.

She's Jess said...

Guess you were really pretty tired. Have a nice weekened. Rest well Desmond!

King's wife said...

why so mysterious one?
Dunno what else u do in your sleep!
Take it easy for a while. Slow down and smell the roses...take care.

Siao Cha Bor said...

whoa, u sleepwalk or not? relek sikit laa...haa haa fuuuu...haaa haaa...fuuuu..breathe in and out

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Wingz- How true, that why I seriosly look at point.Thks for advice

Anonymous- err soli, I be changing the color soon as tomorrow still CNY

Cheng Sim- oh yes our American Idol must higher also alot of crown trying thir luck like what William Huang does.

May- okok because you pasah I enter, you make sure support me all the way to Genting Final.

Lin peh- After this I no more yamade ! scare scare all my secret bust out than i die

Ah Pek- AhPek u don't scare me la. If really like that I sure sms to everybody the numbers.

Jess- Thanks Jess and you too have a good weekend and happy Chap Goh Mei

Queen -That what worry me.Anyway my family doctor advices me take things easy just like u said.Thanks Queens

Smart Cha Bor- How many time I need to breate ar??

elaine said...

you wondering whether you rape somebody?
YOU WILL KNOW when you get an SMS in one month's time from someone claiming she is pregnant jor.

Dun 9394 so much wor..... (lol)

Cocka Doodle said...

"now wondering if I rape somebody how hor??"
Quick!! Go send your dogs to the vet for checkup!!! LOL

kruy® said...

haha... u'r so funny, must b ur unconscious mind want to enter the competition. if u really enter Malaysian Idol remember tell us we will support u oh!