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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

MY DoGGie CNY Celebration

Sorry lei for not updating.
Actually back online last Sunday but just enjoy reading you people blog that forget updating mine’s, I very selfish hoh?Ok la this year I won't sell fish nor sell dog but sell more smile to you all la.

My Pre CNY

As usual days before CNY works busy like hell because of collection, also have to deliver CNY goodies to my relatives , people once help me when I was down.

One incident I will never forget. I attended a company pre-cny dinner. A businessman (about 40 plus)who sit beside me got himself drunk that night. He started scolding the world for mistreat him. Worst he started crying telling us he in the mist of bankruptcy . Said he let his family down and till now no money bring back for his family to celebrate CNY. Indeed embarrassing moments and so sad. Just wondering how he is and his family now?.

3 days before CNY office started Open Table till Friday.

This year manage go to 2 old folk home .Pass some goodies/ang pow for the old folks, helps to clean up one of their premises. This time my lopoh(wife), two of my buddies join in, glad they came along. The fun part is not giving ang pow to them, but be with the senior citizen. I miss my late grandmum & my mum very much , maybe a reason I enjoy talking to those senior citizen.

1st few days of CNY (KL)

As usual eat, drink like no tomorrow, everynight sleep about 4-5 hours only.

But my happiest moment for CNY is my childhood kaki comes visit me. Everyone doing ok now. Remember those days when we were young during CNY we will play mahjong and play 3 cards non stop for few nights. That time we only bet 50cents RM1 only.Not so much of wining but fun to be together.

Since 1999 every CNY 1st day I will go to hospital to donate blood. But this year manage to go on the 3rd day of CNY because quite busy on 1st day. About 10 over years ago I was hospitalize in GH on the 1st day of CNY and lost a lot of bloods and needed few pint of blood. That the main reason every year I make a point to donate my blood on the 1st day of cny.

4th day CNY onwards
Need to go to this country(have a tallest building in the world) to carry somebody big leg because of business
Does not really want to go but because of promise being make earlier with that Lo Peng(Old biscuit).

Force my self to attend his CNY gathering.Lopoh did not follow ,maybe this time she trust me go alone , knowning very well all the chicks having off day because cny holiday.

Manage come back in time on Saturday to attend MR LAMP concert in Genting(might blog about his concert later)

After CNY holiday 'Open Work'

All no mood to work on Monday
Office again become Open Table Centre.
I'm not well and have mild asthma attack(last attack was 6 years ago) on me.Maybe a warning to me to stop smoking 100%

Something very different about this year for me is I have my blog.Even when I was oversea for 2 days I will make a point suff the blog by using my handphone.

Whatever this CNY good or no good , one thing I'm blessed.Not because can eat Big Fish Big Meal but being healthy and with my love one.Even if no money, just eat vegetables but with our love one is the most happiest moment.I will try not to take things for granted.

One thing I try not to forget during CNY is the unfortunate people.Maybe this year I make a point go often to homes.

Hope everyone also have a good CNY whether in malaysia or oversea far away from your love one.Let move forward & make everyday a brand new one.

Post Note Update:-
After seeing some comment I very Pie-Sei plus Malu. I m not born compassionate, Just this few years regrets on my past especially when my late grandma & mum alive I did not really show much love to them and just care about myself how should I enjoy life at that time. That the reason I always makes a point to visit the home before CNY.
How nice I can turn back the clock


Lin Peh said...

u chi-bye go Lamp konsert ? Lin PEh there with piao mei la !

may said...

gong hei fatt choy! still in time for CNY wishes, right? sounds like you had a great and fruitful new year. may it be smooth sailing for you and your loupoh this year of the Doggie!

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wei, did I read correctly got loupoh? Wuah, Helen must be broken hearted 'cos she thot u single. LOL. NVM, she will buy you a manties.

BTW, admire your visit to old folks home and donate blood. Very good wor you.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Lin Peh:-
I almost want to report to Police where the F you been?
Buggar u Ghost Ghost Mouse Mouse go see concert

I also know u have fruitful year too.Where is my english scones u promise email me??

I was thinking Helen knew i got lopoh so that why i only say out. Jei!! should not reveal

Siao Cha Bor said...

welcum back

Wingz said...

welokam bek!!! LAMP concert is who ? LamPar ???!!

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

one welCum one weLOKAm..lol..u two so funnie

wingz- Mr Lamp is LAm Chee Cheong sing the Wong Fei Hong, Sally yip husband

Joyce said...

wuaaha... you came back from long holidays and got yourself a loupoh ?

i thought you buzy collecting angpow
thim.... (lol)

She's Jess said...

Very noble of you to donate blood every year. Wish i can do that soon again :)

King's wife said...

eh, I also tot u no lou-poh.
Am touched to know that u did something for the old folks. and donate blood too....

PinPin 彬彬 said...

Welcome back, Desmond.

You have a good heart in doing all the good deeds. That's really admirable.

But you gotta maintain a good lung to continue helping people. Smoking is never good, even more so for people with asthma. Do take care.

sun,moon&star said...

Welcome back!

You have a very compassionate heart, visit old folks homes and donate blood on first day of cny. Very good ......

yvy said...

welcome back!! :) so nice to read abt ur compassion to so many ppl. out of all, i love donating blood the most. i'm not too sure why though. heh. :P

ChiM ChiM said...

san nin fai lok ar. still got time to enjoy bcoz CNY still haven't end lar.

Cocka Doodle said...

You got lopoh meh? I thought you told me you got dogs only?
Good to hear that you have a philantropic side in you.
Pssst! you sked next time loe yan yuen mmm sau leh ah?

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Siao Cha Bor
Thks and hope you feeling better

Chim Chim
Haha still got CNY mood, hope u have good time lei

Joyce /Queen:-
Lopoh pull my ear when see the blog that why have to tell lor

Jess / Queen / SunMoonStar / Yvy

I shy shy olidi, Please see my Post Note on my post

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

I got plenty lopoh, my dog also my lopoh, my car also my lopoh..u can teach me how to curi makan mai..kekeke

Lin Peh said...

don't leport police la. after kena shave botak. my blog on leave until chap goh meh wan la !

Helen said...


You really started the first blog after CNY with a BANG!! Wife???? Niamah... I thought you're still green head boy... mana tahu old bird!! ** shake head **

It is indeed touching to hear guys showing compassion to the needy. I'm not saying guys are all heartless, it's just guys usually contribute financially but seldom really go and show care this way. Do blog about the concert. You did not see Lin Peh meh??? You can't miss all the noise from his room what!!??

Lilian - I'm not giving Desmond the manties... dulan with him liao!! LOL ..

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Lin Peh
Dont worry police now wont shave head jor but they will polish your 2nd head.Hoi..u scare coming back so soon scare we ask u to do Valentine sing song project ar?..lol

Dont dulan me la...I want the mantis ar !!..~~~tears droping down~~

Cocka Doodle said...

Teach you curi makan is sap-sap sui. How you 'wash mouth' after curi makan is where the skill is. Cover your tracks.

elaine said...

Wuaah!... this is news breaking revelation

Helen said...

Who ask you to 9394?? If your lou poh is reading your blog, she'll have to ban cocka.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

Helan :-
ok la no more 9394 la :-(