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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dog Year Coming So Have To Change Black Color To RED Color Template

This is not Air Asia web site or I fatt-how because again and again change template.
The last template is Black(my favorite color) and since the Dog Year coming so change to "Ong" color la.

I actually change this red is all because I want good luck mai.

But when I see my own blog I need to wear sunglasses, because really too bright la.What to do I want ONG mai!

This year I also got buy new Red underwear.Will wear on the 1st day , and i sure win in playing "21"cards one


may said...

weiiiii... I see ur blog I oredi ngan farr liao! wah, word verification oso red for me... must be good luck sign. very the Ong!

5xmom ~chanlilian.net~ said...

Wuah, my eyes oso turned red liao. But never mind, as long as 'ong', I tahan lor. Visit liao oso ong hor? Don't forget to take photo of the red underwear but I will only return to your blog after 15 of CNY. Sked see liao, I cannot win jackpot. Hahaha.

Kelly said...

Had a good laugh seeing yr blog this morning.
1) You mentioned b4 that you dont wear
underwear even if yr frens visit you rite ? .... sekali now you want to pakai somemore in RED wor..!!!
aiyoooo... bei tahan....
2) After seeing so much of the RED colour here i aso becoming like "fatt hao" and suddenly filled with full of passion liao.... (heheee......)

You make my day to be sunny and bright today ! TQ....

Lin Peh said...

Niama...this red colour see until Lin Peh eyes also pop out la !

King's wife said...

I partially blind now!
Had to re-focus and re-adjust my eyes, baru can read.
But good good, really 'ong'!!

PinPin 彬彬 said...

my eyes hurt... :(

elaine said...

wah ! i thought i came to the wrong site ....

now have to put eyes drop already !!!


JoMel said...

Mygoodnessgracious! I'm turning blind!!! Quick! My Sunglasses!!!!

She's Jess said...

OUCH! My eyes hurt!

Well.. 21? Can't wait can't wait

ChiM ChiM said...

wah, after reading your blog for 5 minutes, my housemate thought i got "red-eye" disease jor.

Anonymous said...

psssst.... you very the famous already
many ppl strike your no. 9394
at the PMP tonite..

Silent readers saying thanks to you
God Bless You !!!

Helen said...

Aiyoh... see your red red blog, I also see red liao. (dun know why this month auntie come early ler?? Maybe see your blog they come ...) lol

Nice look....L-)

93~94 said...

May- Sure brings luck wor as anonymous tell us my 9394 got strike in PMP last night.so you keep coming here la.

5xMom:- I better no show i wear red underwear la..don't one everybody no luck

Kelly- wow u still remember what I said b4.Dont worry when you come and see me at my home i wear two underwear

lin peh: u better dont ye come out bcoz u have suffer enough as when u do the sing song project your ear also about to come out

Queen- sure luck one i no play play one

PinPin- faster ask your boy boy put eye mole for u la

elaine: no u did not come to wrong site , u have just enter the most lucky blog of the year

Jomel:-R u wearing Channel sunglasses ? or Elton John type of sunglasses ?

Jess:- haha u also like to play '21' card ar ?

ChimChim:- bcoz of luck suffer a bit never mind la

Annon:- Tell you..this Red color bring luck one.Congrat to you !

Helen:- U the only one say my bog nice look..mayb your Big Auntie come sso u say like that..lol