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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

9393 ESWN Eat (9) : Rojak Din @ Ampang Hilir

This week topic:- Rojak MaMak

Today East South West Food post number 9:-

(Branch @ Hartamas )

One normal weekday afternoon Rizal call 9393 handphone

Rizal: Bruder ...Where you ?
9393: Bruder....Now at Great Eastern Mall Ampang, paying insurance bills la
Rizal: I now at Royal Selangor Polo club meeting some friends, wanna eat or not?
9393: Sure ! where to? Raintree Club ??
Rizal: Behind Royal Selangor Polo Club and Raintree Club. Got a famous Mamak Rojak, just beside Nigeria Embassy
9393: Chek !! thinking Raintree Club..I know where la..meet you there by 3pm la

9393: 3pm still a lot people
Rizal: Yeah, lunch time pack
9393: This one same as Taman Tun?
Rizal: Now not same la, same separated, but there have another stall at Sri Hartamas

9393: Look good and at this time still a lot of people

9393: Wa you order for me eggs and sotong,

9393: The gravy a bit dark, taste hot too
Rizal: As I know you like hot ?
9393: I ok la, but if for Kids can't la
Rizal: Gravy dark I think because tick, I like sotong

Rojak Din @ Ampang Hilir Of 5 Bananas I gave:-



Yinsi Yat said...

This one looks good!

Anonymous said...

malaysia is alot of good food:)

Nine3 Nine3 said...

Yinsi Yat : - I still felt so so la

myteddy81 :- Yes, we are lucky but diabetes quite high in Malaysia