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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Face the FACT 9393

Last Sunday early morning 5am is a shit day for me. I stay from 3am watching my favorite team Allblack in the Rugby World Cup held in France.
Allblacks lose to France on that night quater final. Even AllBlacks leading at the half time, when the start of the 2nd half, I got the feeling Allblacks will lose , seems they are not spirited to be in the semi final!!.
I am not going to talk about the game detail,what i am trying to says i felt shit.
After that early morning pains..the past 3 days I been avoiding News of AllBlacks lose!!..Am I fanatic???...so you don't tease me about AllBlack loses, or I skin you dry.

Things I avoid this past 3 days:-

* Did not turn to Newspaper sport section
* Delated my favorite link of Allblacks website.
* Did not log in New Zealand news past 3 days
*This morning in the radio news hear about Allblacks matter, quickly turn off to another channel
* Did not watch other quater final matches on Sunday evening , monday morning, seems this 2007 Rugby is over for me
* Did not call my goood friend who crazy of Rugby ever since that Sunday morning.
* This afternoon I yahoo with Cocka, knowing he likes rugby very much..I avoider talking about World Cup Rugby with him
* I have a wallpaper of AllBlacks logo on my PDA phone, had change it !!!
* NO MORE watching 2007 World Cup, Now I rather watch D-Cup better!!!

Since so many things I am avoiding so what the Fork I am blogging about AllBlacks.
Lost Lost la..the cows still have to come home ma!!!!

Errrr-- just trying to get some sympathy from you guys and tell me go fly kites la

Whatever I make a resolute I will support the Fuji Teams instead the AllBlacks in the Next World Cup in 2011

GET A LIFE 9393!!!



angel said...

*donate RM1*

kat said...

*donate another RM1*


Cocka Doodle said...

France played like shit lah, those bargers lost the semis to Engrand....niamahfulat!

Yeah...the kiwis were unlucky to lose to a shitty team.

Winn said...

it;s been a while since you 'pou tao'.....hope things are fine!

so. it's oredi nov now can u rephase the rugby result to me again ar? i sux in sport news ma;p

dreamie said...

hOI you MIA so long geh ?
faitit blog laaa wei...

Merry X'mas and a wonderful new year to U bradder !