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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Let Go Air Respond from the FARTER

Amerika people FART:-
"EXCUSE ME". Because I took all the food you guys no eat that why i need to fart now.

Inggris people FART :-
"PARDON ME". I need a change in my body system that why I had to fart right now

KaisuLand People FART:-
"IS ME MEI??".Ah Beng also got do ma so what wrong I do??"

BolehLand People FART:-
"NOT ME!! NOT ME!!". When did you hear me FART, did you smell it??




zewt said...

you read menj and it makes you ponder? hmmmm... okaaayyyy....

Jonzz said...

Is that sign for real?

aceone said...

New sign ar?

Kenny Ng said...

I just farted... LOL

kljs said...

Where got? I didn't even fart at all........lol....

nice pic and caption...