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Friday, January 26, 2007

They call me HamSUP Lo


How these canto words “Humsup” come about lei?

Niasing lately I being term as Hamsup Blogger

Buggar this month I had attended Two Blogger’s gathering. One is meeting ever Gentleman “Wuching”(titoki blog about it here ) and another last week Ah May Farewell Dinner ( Dr. Chen blog about it here ).

The Wuching Dinner Titoki again labels me as “Humsup” Lo and even she blog about me as Humpsup 007.

Titoki(right) call me Hamsup Bond, I think She more salty than me la

(Pic stole from Titoki Blog)

On Ah May dinner we were eating German Pork Knuckle, and the food was kind of salty, and one of the Blogger commented the Knuckles so salty and I being so Hamsup, I will become more “Humsup”The German pork knuckle sauce indeed taste salty
( Pic stole from Blogger Kenny Ng)

Since yesterday I had make some research on this canto “Hamsup”

Literary in Chinese Hamsup means

Ham = Salty

Sup = Watery


From the URBAN DICTIONERY explanation it says:-
1. Hamsup

Cantonese word for "perverted".

Used to describe people who have an insatiable appetite for sexually related things such as strip clubs, women, sex, and porn. These people also like to grab people in the most inappropriate places in public.

Hence the term "hamsup lo" - "perverted guy".

Fellowships of hamsup people will often refer to one another as "hamsup gor" or "perverted brother"
"Yo, could you stop being so hamsup?!?"
"That guy is such a hamsup lo, he keeps staring at those girls and sometimes he'll even grab their asses when they walk by."
"hamsup gor, what are you doing today? Going to the strip clubs again I see..."
"You've just been hamsupped!!!!"

by William Chan Feb 17, 2004


I did ask one of my So Call Sen-Kai-Lan (Mr.Know All) why use Salty Watery to term a person Sex Pervert Guy??.

1st Version he says:-

Normally those days people are Sex manic are shabby dress, bad body odour smells eying to molest or rape girls, when near them can smell a strong armpits odour smells.

Than I ask him than why “ Salty Smells”

He ask me after all day no shower and under hot sun , try ask me use my finger dig my armpit, it is watery and smell it !!! …does it have Salty Salty smells and it is watery.

Damn it “ what kind of explanation !! ..than I challenge him again with a question What it got do with Sex related ??

Than he gives me the 2nd version:-

Ask me go back make love with my Lopor ..ask me do 69 position …ask me will the taste be WET WET and SALTY ??

Damn it..No wonder I call him Mr. Sin Kai Lan…but I still believe his silly explanation, maybe anyone out there can give us a more concrete answer how this canto word “ HamSup” came about ???

I really No Hamsup la...I day day spray dedorant wor......if you no believe when you see me, please smell my armpit and see how la....hope Titoki start 1st...muawahahahahahaha !!



Kenny Ng said...

The Ham Zhu Sau pic stole from Kenny Lee or Kenny Ng? Got Kenny Lee on that day meh? LOL

Lin Peh said...

No la. u not hamsup...u are fucking Ham Hai ! LOL!

Wuching said...

i dun think ur hamsup la

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

kenny - Sorry brother is Ng ..sorry sorry

Lin Peh- I ham hai never mind u Yam Yam Sup Sup ..lol

wuching- wei..bcoz i says u gentlemen u angkat me also ar..lo

RAY CHIN said...

humsup means nothing is pleasant and clean la.. dirty lo diu...
9393... need more defination anot le....i think u more expert than me la.

Cocka Doodle said...

No lah, you not humsap.
You are Yum sap! Muahahaha!!!

Oh, by the way, you kena Chiong Hei Tag!

sun,moon&star said...

My favourite soup is Hum Choi Tong, so will that make me a humsup gal?

aceone118 said...

You can start a hamsup club ledi and U be the president. hahahaha

titoki said...

Smell your armpits?!

You wait long long har... *LOL*

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