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Saturday, May 20, 2006

World Cup Fixtures On Outlook

Blady hell to me, this world cup only will begin in 15 days time but already on Fever.

Just download the WorldCup sofeware fixtures(from MSN) into my PC Outlook calenders and synchronize into my handphone plus my PDA.Automatically based on my Outlook calender time-zone.Somemore got reminder one. When open up the fixtures,able to click to the webside and get the latest update of the teams and who will be playing.'Damn Shiok'.Next month my daily life sure Up side Down one, as me so damn busy , sometime shit also no time somemore wanna watch football,whatever 4 years 1 time only so never mind la.

World Cup Fixture on Outlook by MSN download here

This past few days I have been warning some of my friends the destruction will brings if not careful when betting World Cups matches. Share with them some stories I have seen during the past World Cup. One of the sad stories is the World Cup 2002, the opening match between World Champion France and Senegal. This particular successful businessman (he owns a very famous big coffee shop restaurant PJ SS2) and obsessed with football gambling. He received bets on this opening match all over the country. He bets on France team and give Senegal team 1 ball to 1 and half ball .The bets comes to few million riggit and one mistake he done is he did not cover up holes. France lost to Senegal 0-1 and he loses out almost 100%.

The 1st match enough kill him, and he give up receiving bets few days later.Months later he need to sell almost everything include the establish coffee shop he own.
Some of my real estate friends once told me ,after the World Cup tournament it won't be surprise they are some force sale property up for sale because this Seller need to cover up the debts for losing matches during World Cup

I have never hear any successful stories on people making big bucks on Football betting.
The ball is round, everyone thinks he is Football Guru during the World Cup.
Betting football Matches is a game of 'CHANCE' lei !.



may said...

betting on anything is a game of chance ;)

Lin Peh said...

Alamak ! You kopishop friend performed exactly like the French team last time (kena knocked out in first round). Lin Peh is planning to go BIG this round ! So, let's see how for I can go ;-)

dreamie said...

Football betting, doubles the excitement in the game. You are a participant rather then an onlooker.

Your temperature will surely be souring high in the following weeks to come.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

May-haha..playing share also ar?

Lin Peh- mari bring all your money put in my bank for save keeping, after July you can't find me for sure

Dreamie- read an aticles sometimes ago about gambling that can be addicted even grambling isn't a substance.Gambling or no grambling watching football my favorite past time all these years

She's Jess said...

Just be careful during bettings lor and... know the limits.

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

OK Jess I bet with you no limit la..lol

Football Betting Online said...

Betting makes every game more and more like a cup final! Gives boring league games that edge that cup competions have!