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Friday, March 17, 2006

It's Fun After All

Theme: Eat Full Nothing To Do KL Blogger Gathering

Date: Thursday 16 March 2006

Time: 7.00pm 8.15pm (started late because jam here jam there)

Venue: Theme Happiness Chinese Reataurant,
Menara TA, Kulau Lumpur.

Bloggers attended:
1) Lin Peh
2) Y Bhg Tan Sri Lojak Wingz
3) King Wife
4) GbYeow
5) Zara Mama
6) JKN of KL Podcast
7) Ah May (SpiderWomen)
8) Siao Char Bo
9) Seng Kor
10) 9393
Special Guest Blogger Appearance
11) Cocka all the way from Jee Bee

My first time ever meet blogger in real life last night.
We really have fun, laugh until I almost want to vomit, just imagine when Lin Peh, Rojak and Cocka around , they can turn the room upside down with their jokes gimmick, action.The others are as fun too.One of the highlight of the evening we make phone call to Jomel and Ah Pek.They blur blur don't know who is who laughing. Thinking of calling Helen and 5xMum, but it was quite late.

My impression on this group of wonderful blogger ( based on the sitting table of round table starting from my right)

Siao Char Bo
In blog she siao siao but tell you I ‘Did Ang Keng’(drop glasses).
I was totally wrong thinking she must be a kind of crazy gal as she projected on her blog , she is just beautiful, sexy, elegant, gorgeous, intellectual . Guys ! This lady very cun one wor,

Seng Kor
Damn blady hamesome. Don’t know why he don’t reveal his face on the blog if I have that kind of look I sure show my face to the world. Look like Hong Kong singer Alex Toh (Toh Tak Wai). Girls , mark him hard hard lei !

Zara Mama
Thinking she a full time homemaker, but she hold a stable job. Amazing, how can she handle so well in her family and working life. She Beautiful Super mama intellectual women. Have a very caring smile wor.

King Wife
Wow Wow. She TEH HOT lei, the way she smile also got S-class. Wonder how she keep so fit despite mother of 2.She got this Lui Yan Mei (Women elegant).Thinking she will be talkative but she so soft spoken. She dazzlingly beautiful lei.

Ah May
Sweeter than honey, watch her too much will melt your heart. I call her spider women reason she a rock climber, but she does not look like tom boy, she pretty, shy .Cocka sit beside her and I observe him occasionally giving Ah May hamsup stare. Don’t blame Coocka as me also staring Ah May all night.

Come all the way from JB just for this gathering,.
So MANly, he is tall, have a well build body,Very Hamsup charismatic, another blady joker. If with his kind of body shape 10 round in one night kill Tiger no NoProblem la. He is really funny dude.

Thinking only in blog he a joker,in real he much more humorous. He really cheers us up with his joke and the way he laugh. With him you don’t worry of bored. Happy to meet him at last as he one of my blog idol, never fail almost everyday brings us laughter in his blog even he having breakdown. Wonderful man.

JKN of KL Podcast
If you only think his voice sound great wait till you see him, Gal see him want to become ‘Endless Love’ with him, Guy see him want to become ‘Broken mables Mountain.Dunno why he use his Ipod to record our convasation all night?

Lin Peh
Now I know why he like to call us latuk latuk , tan sri , tan sri, and why so many Si-Lai like him. He is puting an act just like a 'Act as a Pig eat a Tiger'.
During the dinner he act cool in the begining, buggar when later in the evening ‘He can sing, He can dance’ He can joke’.Must thank him as because of him, we able to meet up for this blogger meet. This fellow really did a lot of good things for we bloggers such as Sing Song project/ on going writing story projeck.Very good organizer.Even at this gathering he so thoughtful prepare door gift for each one of us(a book on princess Diana) Told me earlier he only drive proton, he actually drive Ma-Si-De S-Class and a successful businessman.

GB Yeow
I’m so lucky to sit beside this dude.At times I can’t get the jokes from others, listening to him the way he laugh is good enough. He is tall, well build , young and good looking.

Well all the comment above based on my view, I'm not flower talk to the lady, polish shoes to the guys,or hope they in return give me good coment..i don't need this.Is me like to see the good points of others.

Me despite pretty busy with my work, and partially emotional unstable due to a member of my family who very ill, meeting them brings me a lot of joy and release stress.
After this dinner I realize blogging also create new path of friendship. Life is just too short, never know what will happen next, but this simple gathering will be forever treasure in my heart.

I did not bring any camera on this dinner , if you wanna see us try visiting others , you might see the real of us.

Looking forward to another blogger gathering again and hope more will attend this time.

Stole this picture from GB Yeow blog

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Zara's Mama said...

Everybody also lengjai, lengloi..
This is a beautiful world!!

Actually nice meeting you.. remember, potentially we can be in-laws/chan-kah!

King's wife said...

no need to praise until so high, hai mai ah?
It was a great night. Nice meeting you too! Glad we could help you de-stress. Take care...

may said...

we lenglui, you all lengchai! heheheh! thanks so much for dinner, was a real pleasure meeting everyone. so now looking forward to other bloggers' meet anot?

Wingz said...

yar taikor it was so blardee nice of you and linpeh to pau our dinner yesday nite, next time pls repeat the same thing ok ? kakakakaka

Siao Cha Bor said...

aiyo...y u so "hak hei" wan?

everybody sama sama beautiful la

thanks for everyting ya

so when is the next meeting?

gbyeow said...

This fella the real champion wei. Pao the whole table for us. Gao gia song. Thanks wei! All KL lang whenever wherever free time go yam cha la.

Wingz said...

ok yum char mamak style I pao ok?!! that one pau 10 round (no i dont mean i will pao 10 rounds, i will only pao 1 round also. We kira round one tarak kira value one kakakaka!!!) also not as "siong" as yesday dinner WUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Helen said...

Congratulations all the above bloggers who made it to the bloggers' meet.

Apart from establishing friendship I daresay all of you had come together for a bigger purpose.

To dispel the myth that people who hide behind their blogs are non-lookers.

The sexiest ppl around are actually the annoymous bloggers!! LOL

JoMel said...

It was nice talking to you and hearing all your laughters! Made my evening! :)

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

ZaraMama- ask my son see Zara and Jomel daughter K, he say two also want,seems he more kheng than his dad
Yeah is nice meeting u too

KingWife- Say what i feel mai,they a saying' when one's happy everyting he see his beautiful

May- when u came in my blog I can smell sweetness wor

Wingz- actually with you around when makan , cannot eat, buggar that night i go back feel hungry bcoz no time eat as all the time just laugh n laugh

SBC - Next meting what color u wear? Women in Red or black.we sit together again and can you please focus me more than Ah Seng..ho mai?

gbYeow- I got hidden agenda one..I m big time pimp mai..MuaHahahahaha

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

wingz- if go mamak , the way he see we laugh he kick us out not to disturd his business

Helen- if u see all the guys , u sure saliva come out one.dont belive ask the girls

Jomel-We miss you deep deeep u no cum, next time mesti mari ar

sengkor said...

wah, all so beautifuly like a dinner for the stars wor..

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

everyone in this world are superstar one way or another.sometime we miss it and too focus on oneself
Liang jai nice knowing you

Cocka Doodle said...

Sorry i'm late. You guys and gurls are truly a bunch of fun people to be with. I'll be looking for the next meeting. Thanks for the dinner!

Wingz said...

mahai nx time bring XO!!! wine not powderfool enuff to make SCB high and do strip show for us la!!! LOL

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

cocka- Luckly u came, or will can't handle the powerderfool of the women

Cocka- No XO or wisky SBC oso so hot, cant imagine if that night got hard liquor

Cocka Doodle said...

9393....SCB so hot because got Hot Guy sitting next to her mah....not you lah! Seng Kor lah!

wombie said...

SCB stripping? I bring moneyyyy to throw at her..muahahahahahahah

Helen said...

Niamah.. you all never mentioned anything about strip show????? Diu, if I know, no car also I take bus and come!!
SCB - lucky u didn't strip that night.... I wasn't there. Pls wait until I come then u strip har..... oh... remember to ask your partner SK to join in.... lol

Nine3 Nine 3 said...

cocka- she very greedy la, her right leg futsal with Ah Seng & left leg alsp futsal with me lol

simmie- wawa even lady go wild.That night your name brought up.Talk good thing la

helen- women u oso kau ar??